Garment Repair

Repair own garments and save money with these tips.

Mending by sewing machine is the best way to get a stronger repair on a used garment. Re-stitching, darning holes, mending tears, and patching children's clothes are some of the tasks that fall under the heading of mending.

If your article has large holes, use an embroidery hoop, setting the article with the hole in it and tighten the hoop. Then place the hoop under the sewing machine and with straight long stitches, sew the hole. You may also want to use a patch of a different color to decorate the garment and make it new again. Try using some decorative store bought patches such as characters, flowers and animals for your child's clothes. They will love the idea of having something that looks pretty sewed on.

If the elbow and arm areas in clothing are wearing through and thin, use a patch of material inside the garment and sew it over the worn area from the inside. This will keep the worn area from turning into a unwanted hole.

You can also use fancy patches and sew zig zag stitches on the top of the patch. This will look like it was done by the clothing manufacturer and not home repaired.

For socks, cut another piece of sock that matches the size of the hole and sew it on the sock where the hole is. You can also use the decorating idea here also by using matching color fabric and make the sock look like they were store bought.

There are a lot of fancy mending techniques you can use when using your imagination. If your daughter has a jumper that has pen marks on it and you cannot remove them, buy a fancy applique and sew it to the jumper. This will give new life to the jumper and put smiles on your daughter's face!

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