General Electric: All About Ge Appliances

Whether you're looking for a small electric item or a major appliance purchase, General Electric makes the product for you.

Most people have heard the General Electric slogan, "We bring good things to life." But did you know that GE, founded by Thomas Edison and in business since 1890, still makes great home appliances, such as microwaves, refrigerators, coffeemakers, and can openers? Choosing the right GE appliance for your home is easy, quick, and affordable.

Although these days GE is a huge corporation that makes everything from aircraft engines to industrial power systems, General Electric has always been known for its excellent, dependable home appliance line. Whether you're looking for a major purchase like a washer and dryer set, or just a small kitchen apparatus to make things easier, GE has you covered.

Let's take a look at the major appliance entries first. Although GE makes practically every kind of big appliance, we'll concern ourselves here with three: microwaves, refrigerators, and washer and dryer units. (The following information was gathered at the website

Microwaves have really evolved over the years. GE's newest generation of microwaves sports two trademarked models that are particularly noteworthy: the Spacemaker and the Advantium. Spacemaker, as the name indicates, is specifically designed for "over the range" placement, allowing you to free up valuable preparation space in your kitchen, which is always at a premium. These great ovens come with an even heating system, as well as a trademarked menu guide that makes using them a pleasure. Advantium is a newer kind of microwave that GE's website calls a "speedcooker;" these super-fast ovens use light to cook food "up to eight times faster" than a normal oven. Even better, Advantium is also offered in an above-the-range model, so you don't give up the spacemaking capacity for more power.

GE refrigerators are consistently rated highly by consumer magazines. Sporting such innovative designs as side by side units and bottom freezer alignments, GE refrigerators are especially known for their trademarked Arctica System. GE says that Arctica contains a climate-control that preserves food longer than ordinary refrigerators can. Many GE models also come with features that prevent frostburn, filtrate water, or even protect small children with an alarm system. Perhaps best of all, GE refrigerators utilize the "EnergyStar" system, which the government uses to estimate energy usage over a year's time. Many GE refrigerators use only about $50 in energy, per year, which is an important consideration when buying.

Washers and dryer sets are another GE specialty. Although they offer "high-efficiency" washers - ones that use a minimum amount of energy and water - powered by either gas or electric, one of the most unique products the company produces is the trademarked Profile Harmony washer-dryer combination. GE's website explains that Profile Harmony allows the washer to communicate directly with the dryer; this allows the dryer to determine its own settings for maximum clothing care. Is that Space Age or what!

What if you're looking for smaller appliances? GE has those as well. For instance, who wouldn't want to make things easier in the kitchen? GE makes toasters, deep fryers, slow cookers, and grills and griddles. Also available are a variety of blenders, coffeemakers, mixers and food processors. According to GE's website, the entire line of small appliances is only available at Wal-Mart, so check your local store for availability.

Two small appliances from GE that are particularly cool are the Double Bowl Slow Cooker and the Dual Travel Mug Coffee Maker. The slow cooker is a six- quart, divided crockpot that allows for preparation of two different dishes at once. The coffee maker brews the morning drink right into your choice of one or two stainless mugs - how neat is that? No more arguing with your spouse about who gets their coffee first!

What about warranties for GE items? When you buy a product, especially an electric one, you want to know that the appliance will last. Although GE warranties vary in length for different items, the company does offer extended warranties on major appliances in particular. A toll-free number listed on the appliance instructions directs you to a factory service center - there are 120 nationwide, according to GE - where a technician can likely fix the problem.

Finally, where can you get these great products? GE dealers include the previously-mentioned Wal-Mart for smaller electrics. For major appliances, check Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, or Best Buy, all of which are authorized General Electric dealers.

The company has been around a long time, and they make a lot of different things now. But GE is still known for great appliances that help make things easier around the home, and there's something uniquely American about supporting a company that was founded by no less than our greatest inventor, Thomas Edison. If you can get your clothes clean and keep the frost off the frozen peas in the process, well that's just a bonus, too!

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