Where Are Geothermal Systems Installed?

Where are geothermal systems installed? It is mostly installed in residential areas, but the commercial side is growing. Geographically it works in any kind of climate. Most of our business is residential....

Most of our business is residential. There are other competitors who do more business on the commercial side. Our commercial side is growing significantly, but about 60% of our business right now is residential, and most of that is new construction. As far as other types of applications other than residential, we do office buildings and schools. We have done quite a few schools, churches, manufacturing plants, apartments, condos, dormitories, and retail establishments. We have done just about every kind of application with geothermal heating and cooling and the bigger the application is, the more money we can save the homeowner or the building owner. So on very large projects, where there is a very large demand for heating and cooling requirements, there is a great opportunity to save 30%, 40% and 50% in operating costs. Sometimes we are talking tens of thousands of dollars a year in savings for heating and cooling. So there is quite a wide variety of applications for small habitat to humanity homes, commercial buildings or schools. We can also do swimming pools. We can also do radium floor heating. So, because we have the ability to heat water with our geothermal units, instead of having a four-stair system where you are delivering warm air through a duct system, you can deliver warm water through piping that is buried in the floor and do your heating that way. There is quite a range of possibilities with geothermal.

Geographically, now it works in just about any kind of climate. We have done systems in very hot climates like Southern Florida and even Southern California. We have also installed systems up to far north in Canada. We have even got some installations north of the Arctic Circle. Really the only place, where it does not make a whole lot of sense is where there is not a great need for heating and cooling.

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