Getting A New Appliance Installed

How to prepare for the installation of a stove, dishwasher and refigerator.

So the refrigerator finally died. The stove is probably next and who knows when the dishwasher will quit for good. It's time to buy some new appliances and have them installed.

The first thing you need to know is the size of the appliance. There is nothing worse than buying a new appliance, getting it home and discovering it is too big to fit the space. So before you go to the store measure the space you have for each appliance. You need to know the width, the depth and the height.

All appliances will be powered by electricity unless you live on the North Slope of Alaska. Actually stoves can be powered by electricity or natural gas. In preparation for the delivery of the stove you need to know whether it is gas powered or electrically powered. If it is gas you want to make certain the gas connection is in good shape and not outdated. You are particularly interested in whether the connecter leaks or the connection point is worn. You do not want the connector to leak in any way as leaking gas in a house can be very dangerous, even fatal.

If the stove is electrical you want to make certain the wall outlet is in good condition, that its wires are not frayed and that the outlet is wired for the right amount of electricity. Stoves usually require a higher amount of electricity than other outlets. If you are not certain call in a certified electrician and have them check the outlet. If you do not know what you are doing electricity can also be very dangerous and even fatal. Also make certain the stove has a proper circuit at the circuit board. Nowadays stoves usually require their own separate electrical circuit.

Now move onto the refrigerator. Give the same inspection to its electrical wall outlet. Once that checks out you are good to go, unless your refrigerator has an ice making machine or some other feature that requires water. If it does you will need to run a pipe from a water source to the refrigerator. This is usually a very small diameter copper pipe that easily taps into a nearby cold water pipe with a small thumb screw tap. At the refrigerator end of this copper tube there is another connection, usually a threaded screw that can be attached to the new refrigerator at the designated spot. You can do this, or the delivery people usually consider it part of their installation service.

Finally there is the dishwasher. Again, check the electrical outlet. Make certain there is a nearby water source and a source for draining the water. Most dishwashers are placed very near the sink and thus have drainage and water very nearby. These connections can get rather complicated. And they can be hard to do as you have to crawl around under the sink. Unless you are an experienced renovator or plumber, ask the delivery people to do this as part of their installation service. If you do not already have all of this plumbing done then you probably need a professional plumber to come and install all the pipe needed to service your dishwasher. In some communities a building inspector must come and approve the new plumbing work before the dishwasher is connected.

OK, all the prep work is done and you are ready to receive your appliances. When you purchased the appliances you should have made a date for the delivery of the appliances. Obviously someone needs to be home at that time. That person should have a good book because most deliveries are scheduled within a four hour time span. They could come at 9 or they could come at 1. But whatever you do stick around and be available to answer the phone because if you miss the delivery there is often an extra fee for a new delivery, the difficulty of scheduling another date and the inconvenience of not having appliances to use.

When the appliance does arrive make certain any pets are secure. Delivery people do not like cats or dogs scampering underfoot while they are hauling a refrigerator up a flight of stairs.

You may want to put some large pieces of cardboard over your floor. The appliances are often pulled or pushed across the floor and they can easily scratch the floor or snag the carpet.

When the appliances arrive make certain there is no damage to the appliances. No dents or scratches. If there is, refuse delivery, send it back with the deliverers and have them deliver another appliance another time.

If the appliances are in perfect condition let the deliverers install the appliances. When they are done installing have them check that each appliance is level. If it is not then have them adjusted so they are level. Most appliances can be leveled by adjusting the foot pads at each corner. Then turn on each appliance and make certain they operate correctly. If not, ask the delivery people to reconnect the appliance. If that doesn't work then have them remove the appliance because the appliance is defective. They must deliver you a new appliance that works.

Once you have ascertained that the appliances are level and that they work, you are ready to take food out of the refrigerator, cook it up on the stove and do the dishes in the dishwasher.

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