Getting Organized At Home: Organizing A Tool Shed

Solutions for organizing your tool shed, which will make projects easier and more efficient.

Have you ever gone out to the tool shed to get a particular tool and just could not find it because the shed was so messed up that there was no hope? Did you just go out and decide that it was just too much trouble wade through all of the chaos to get the tools out that you need? Have you ever just went and bought a new tool just so you wouldn't have to spend hours trying to find one that you know you already have? Well I have some great solutions for you and your shed. Here are some helpful hints that will put your life, or at least the life of your shed, back into order.

1. Assess the contents of your shed.

You need to take everything out of your shed and see what you have. You should pick a nice day so that you can set everything outside and have plenty of room to work around your things. Look at your tools and put the items together that go together. You should set gardening items with other gardening items, Pool equipment with other pool equipment, etc"¦ Make an area for each category and take the items from the shed and place them in their respective places. This can be done rather quickly as you will go through them later and throw away things and put them in a different category if needed.

2. Make a place for you Tools:

Once you have everything out of the tool shed you need to make sure you have a place to put everything back. There are many different ways to make more room in your shed. One of the first things you need to add to your shed is some shelving. Shelves are great for the cans and items that you don't want to sit on the floor. There are many different shelving items that you can consider. You can get inexpensive metal shelves that are sturdy and can hold lots of heavy items. There are also shelves that you can get that are made of plastic and will stand up to the weather a little better than metal or wood. You can make your own shelving with some wooden planks and some shelving brackets if you have a place to attach them to the wall. You can get the brackets at the local hardware store.

You should also get some jars or storage containers that can hold small items. These should have a place to put a label on them so you will know what is in them and maybe the specific size of the item in the container. You should have several different size containers as you will need some smaller containers for some thing and some a little larger for others.

Now you will need to make a place to put the larger tools. These will include items like rakes, hoes, shovels, etc"¦ You can purchase special racks that mount right to the wall that will hold each of these items. You can also use brackets or large nails places just a few inches apart to hang these tools on. If you can not nail anything to the walls then there are storage helpers out that will help you organize these tools as well.

3. Get the tools ready to go back in the shed.

Now you are going to go through the tools and make sure that all of the tools are grouped together properly. Go through and take out all of the tools that may be broken or rusty. Now go and take out the tools that you have more than one of that you don't need more than one of. These items can be sold or donated. At this time you should also clean all of your tools so that when you put them back in the shed it will all be clean.

4. Put everything back into its place in the shed.

Now that you have all of the tools together and clean they are ready to go in the shed. Hang all of the tools that have handles that can be hung. Place nuts, bolts, screws, anything that is small and can fall to the floor and get lost in a jar or storage container. Place small hand tools on shelves that are higher up and larger hand held tools on lower shelves. Now you are ready to put in items like the lawn mower etc"¦.. Place these things along the wall and make sure that you leave room to walk around them.

Now that you have your tool shed organized the thing to do next is keep it that way. You should always put the tools back where you got them after you have finished using them. Clean the tools before you return them. And if you have others that use your tools make sure that they put them back in the proper places as well. If you do this you should be able to keep your shed organized and safe.

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