Getting Rid of Dust on Wood Blinds

By Yvette Clark

  • Overview

    Though they add a beautiful, rich tone to a home, wooden blinds can also create a cleaning problem because they attract dust--especially if they aren't lacquered or painted. However, you can get rid of dust on your wood blinds if you clean them regularly. Unless your wood blinds are hanging in an area prone to grease, such as a kitchen, a weekly cleaning should be enough to keep them dust-free.
    • Step 1

      Close the wooden blinds before you begin cleaning them. When they're closed, you have a single surface to clean, rather than a series of slats.
    • Step 2

      Use a material for dusting that generates static electricity, which will remove the dust with little effort on your part. Synthetic dust cloths work well, or you can use a dusting spray product to turn any cloth into an effective dust trap.

    • Step 3

      Wipe down the blinds firmly, starting from the top. The best way to get all of the dust is to wipe horizontally across the blinds. When your dust cloth looks dirty, take it outside and shake it out.
    • Step 4

      Reverse the slats and wipe down the other side of the blinds.
    • Step 5

      Open the blinds and dust around the strings. These areas can trap dust, and you may not be able to fully reach them when the blinds are closed.
    • Step 6

      Rub your wood blinds with a dryer sheet after you clean them to help avoid the accumulation of dust. This step will make your weekly dusting minimal, and your wood blinds will look good throughout the week.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Dust cloth
    • Dusting spray
    • Dryer sheet
    • Oil soap
    • Tip: If the dust is embedded in grease, you'll need to use an oil soap to remove the dust. Apply it one slat at a time, and use only enough to clean the blinds, not enough to saturate them with liquid.
    • Warning:
    • Never soak your wood blinds because they can easily warp when they're soaked.

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