Getting sand out of clothing and hair

Great tips on removing sand from your clothes and hair.

The best way to get sand off clothing is to brush the sand gently with your hand in a downward motion. The sand should easily flake off as you brush it with your hand. If the clothing is wet do not try to brush the sand off until it has dried, otherwise the sand will just continue to stick to the clothing and your hand. Letting the clothing dry out first will help in removing the sand because as the sand dries with the clothing some of it will fall off on its own.

It would be ideal to remove your shoes and socks before brushing the sand off because the sand will find a way into them. You might want to shake out your shoes and socks before putting them back on clean feet since there might be sand already in them. If your pants and shirtsleeves are cuffed or rolled you will want to undo them, otherwise the sand will collect in the pockets created by the cuff and stay there.

Before throwing an item of clothing that was covered in sand into the hamper or clothes washer take it outside and shake it out. By shaking the clothing out or beating it up against a railing, all of the small sand particles that can get stuck within the fibers of the clothing should fall out. Never put an article of clothing that has been or still is covered in sand into the clothes washer until it has been shaken out because the sand could clog up the clothes washer. If the sand is still stuck in the clothing after it has been removed from the clothes washer it will fall off in the clothes dryer, and stick to every other piece of clothing that is put into the clothes dryer making an even bigger mess to clean up.

Removing sand from hair can be very difficult or very easy depending on the type of hair you have. The best way to keep from having to get sand out of your hair is to prevent it from getting into your hair in the first place. If you are just walking along the beach, wear a hat to keep the sand from blowing into your hair. When playing at the beach always lie down on a clean towel and use a separate towel to dry off with if you go into the ocean. When playing in the ocean do not stick your head under the water. If you surf or have the strong desire to stick your head into the ocean, keeping your hair braided if it is long enough will help in keeping some sand from getting into your hair.

Once you are done playing at the beach and ready to get the sand out of your hair the first thing you will want to do is let it dry. If you are in your swimsuit at the beach you can stand under a public shower for a few minutes to rinse the loose sand out of your hair, but do not expect all the sand to come out at that time. If you thought to bring a spray on detangle solution then spray it onto your hair once you have rinsed it off or as soon as you get out of the ocean for the last time if you do not plan on rinsing.

Once your hair has air-dried comb out all of the knots and snags by starting at the bottom of the length of hair and working all the way up to the scalp. All the knots are out when you are able to run the comb through your hair from the scalp all the way through the full length of your hair without it snagging. Using a fine toothed comb, comb your hair starting at the top of your scalp and going down the full length of your hair this will loosen the sand from your scalp and draw it out of your hair.

If you hair is very thick or full of body then you might need to shampoo your hair a few times after combing it to get any left over sand out. Once you have shampooed your hair twice, use a moisturizing conditioner working it deep into your scalp then let it set in for about five minutes and rinse with warm water. As you are rinsing the conditioner out of your hair run the fine toothed comb through your hair several times to help get the sand out. Let your hair air-dry and comb it or brush it, all of the sand should be out of your hair by this point.

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