Getting into sold out shows

Learn what you can do if the music show or concert you want to go to is already sold out.

How many times have you tried to get into a concert or show only to find out that all the tickets are sold out and there is no space left?Well, don't let a sold out show stop you from seeing your favorite band or music group, there are many ways to get into shows that may not have any tickets left.Check out these handy tricks for trying to get past the no-ticket obstacle, and enjoy watching a show even if it is sold out!

Second-Hand Tickets: Although all the tickets may have been sold from the main office or ticket supplier, there are a variety of ways to get tickets second-hand.Don't wait until you get to the show location to purchase a ticket, however, as parking lot scalpers are known to raise prices as much as 300%.Instead, spend some time researching before the show actually occurs and you'll be in a much better position to find a deal.Although reselling concert or event tickets is illegal in most states, many newspaper classified sections or post boards will have ads for tickets.Additionally, many local websites or community resource sites will have information for people wanting to get rid of extra or unusable tickets.You may be able to arrange a trade with someone for a different event or date.Finally, you may find that tickets are available in special circumstances after a show has already been sold out, either through a promotion or via alternate purchasing options.Some venues sell extra tickets at the door, though you are advised to come early as lines may be long and there may not be many additional tickets for sale.

Working as a Roadie: Another way to get into sold-out or expensive concerts and venues is to actually start working backstage.Though it may be hard to initially find the job, many fans or young workers can become part of a road tour simply by trial and error.You may find that they need extra people to haul equipment or to help set things up.You may also find that working as an usher or a ticket booth attendant in a smaller venue will help you get in once a larger group or show comes to play at the same venue.Lastly, fans looking to help out with a road tour can find out on a musicians or bands website when and where they will be playing, and possibly if they are looking for people to help out.Simply contacting the group is often not enough, you must be at the right place and the right time for it to work out.

Be There Early: Even if you don't have a ticket, arriving early at a concert might just give you a way into the place.Sometimes arriving well before the concert begins means that security will not be in place, and it will be possible to get in and find a place to relax before the show actually starts.If you do make it into the location ahead of time, try not to act out of place or attract attention to yourself.Instead, acting as if you have every right to be in a location will make it seem natural and fewer people will think to ask you.

Sneaking In: As a last-ditch effort, sneaking into a concert or music show is always an option, and for the more adventurous, can be an opportunity for a fun and exciting evening, whether or not you actually manage to get in the doors.First, check out the front entrance.Usually this is the most difficult place to get in, as the most security is set up around the front.Check out the side or back entrance, where the loading and unloading of equipment takes place.If you can manage to mingle in with the people doing the work, you should be able to slip in unnoticed by security.You can even try carrying something or helping out with set-up.Finally, if you do end up getting backstage, try toget into the normal group of people without getting noticed by security and getting thrown out.Spend long enough backstage and you will be noticed, but if you manage to make it into the crowd of people in the concert venue, there will be no way of knowing that you do not have a ticket and didn't get in with everybody else.

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