Getting Started In Direct Mail Marketing

Even with the popularity of the Internet, direct mail marketing still sells millions of products every year! Find out how you can get started in this business with these tips.

Direct mail marketing can be defined as, "sending advertisements to potential customers by using the United States Postal Service (USPS)." The idea is pretty simple: you advertise a product you're selling to a targeted group of consumers. If one of the receivers of your ad wants to buy your product, then he or she contacts you and pays for the product. You finalize the deal by shipping the product to the customer.

Sounds easy to sell your products, doesn't it? Even though it's been estimated that consumers respond to direct mail offers at least ten percent more than in previous years, convincing a person to buy your product can be a challenge. However, don't be discouraged. Well known entrepreneurs like Carol Wright started her empire by selling a few items by working from her kitchen table.

In order to get started in direct mail marketing, you'll need some capital. Capital is a certain amount of money that will pay for the materials, expenses, and services you need to help get your business off the ground.

Next, you'll need to check with your local court house. You may need a permit, business license, et cetera, in order to sell your product.

Then, of course, you'll need to decide on a product to sell through direct mail. Since you'll either be using the United States Postal Service or some other carrier to deliver your products, make sure they are relatively easy to ship. Also, make sure that it's legal to ship your product.

As for the financial end of direct mail marketing, you'll need to make at least two to three times the cost of the product. For example, if you want to market widgets, and they cost you a dollar apiece, then you'll have to sell each widget for at least two to three dollars in order to make a profit. And, don't forget to add the cost of shipping and handling each widget!

Once you have your business set up and your product ready, the next step in getting started is to produce your direct mail sales literature. This literature is what you will send each potential consumer to try to get them to buy your product.

Keep in mind that you need a professional looking advertisement. In order to save money, you can use your computer to make up a sales letter, brochure, catalog, et cetera. You have to make your offer look inviting so the receivers will even open the envelope up to view it! Then, you have to keep their interest so they will read your sales information and want to buy your product.

Experiment with different types of fonts, colors, designs and layouts for your sales literature.

Then, after you have finished it, proofread it. Run it through a spell check program too. If you're not sure that your sales information is the best it can be, have a trusted friend or family member take a look at it and give you their opinion.

You'll need to buy a targeted list of potential customers to offer your product to. You can

search the Internet to find companies who compile and sell such lists. Usually, the names and addresses are sent to you in the form of mailing labels.

Then, either print out the literature from your computer, or, you can print out a master copy and take it to your local printer.

Finally, set up your product literature, your envelopes, (if necessary), mailing labels, and postage on a desk or even your kitchen table. Fill the envelopes and mail them out to your list of potential customers.

Keep track of when you mailed your advertisements to whom and on what date. Then, keep track of the responses you get. All you'll need to do now is to receive and fill orders, and send out more advertisements!

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