Getting Tickets To The Sold Out Event

Getting tickets to a sold out event can be frustrating. Here are some ways to get the tickets you want at a reasonable price.

There's nothing more frustrating as a sports fan than trying to get tickets to the big game, only to run into long lines, busy signals, and no tickets left. Here are some ways to get those tickets you desire without paying an arm and a leg to get them.

1.) Get the word out that you want tickets. Tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Tell everybody you know that you are looking for tickets. Too many times there are people who can't go the game at the last minute, or have one extra ticket because somebody cancelled. Or, somebody gets a couple of tickets from a boss or vendor at the last minute, and needs someone to go with. If people know you want to go, there's a chance they will call you.. There is no chance they will call you if you don't tell them ahead of time that you're interested.

2.) Go to the game and find out who's selling tickets on the streets (scalpers). Yes, they will want a lot of money. But their price will go down as the day wears on. If the game's at noon and it's now 10:00am, they will want a lot of money. By 11:00, they will still want a lot, but not quite as much. Around noon, you now have the leverage. The game is about to start and they are stuck with useless tickets. You now can dictate the price. If it's after 12:00, you may get them below face-value. No scalper wants to be stuck holding extra tickets.

3.) Offer to barter with a broker. Ticket brokers are in the business to make money. But if you have a couple tickets to a big game or event in the future that you know you can't go to , they may make an even swap with you - your future tickets for the same number of tickets to the big game you want to go to. If they know they can possibly make more money on the tickets you're trading with them, they'll make the trade. You now have tickets to the big game and have gotten rid of tickets you know you couldn't use anyway.

It's always frustrating not being able to get the tickets you want. But with a little publicity and patience, you should be able to find somebody who will be able to provide you with the tickets you want at a relatively low cost.

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