All About Gianfranco Ferre

Gianfranco Ferré's fashions shine alongside some of the greatest European designers.

Instilled with the notions he learned from his architectural training, Gianfranco Ferré started designing raincoats and other accessories in the early 70's.His fashion career took a dramatic turn in 1974 when he establish his own company called Baila.Soon after, his business accelerated with his first women's collection in 1978 followed by a men's collection in 1982.Based on the reception he received for his initial collections, he presented his first full-fledged haute couture line in Rome in 1986. After he gained recognition with these collections, Ferré utilized his talent as the stylistic director of the illustrious Dior fashion house from 1989 to 1997.Following the line of great Dior designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Bohan, Ferré continued the fashion house's tradition of quality high-end apparel.

Born in the town of Legnano in Northern Italy, Ferré shines alongside some of the greatest European designers. His formal architecture experience reflects enormously in each of his designs.Meticulously tailored and structured to the smallest detail, Ferré leaves no room for second-rate designs.Both his men's and women's wear mimic the structural soundness and equilibrium of a finely constructed building. As a seasoned traveler to different areas of Asia, he garners a large amount of Eastern influence in his designs that remain consistent in many of his collections.In addition to his "East meets West" fusionist ideas, he continues to experiment with the shapes of males and females.With his silhouette inspired designs, he provides sharply clean looks for men and delicately casual appearances for women.In a moderate stray, he creates bold pieces that still preserve his subtle stylistic quality.Like many designers, Ferré deliberately protects his pieces of showy gimmicks and temporary trends.In any matter, Ferré's diverse design abilities range from sporty to sophisticated.All the while, he remains mindful of body consciousness and flatters figures comfortably.

Ferré's gifted design flair has earned him numerous awards and honors.He is the six-time recipient of the Occhio d'Oro (The Golden Eye) award for Best Italian Designer. In 1989, upon producing his first haute couture collection through the house of Dior, he received critical acclaim and was presented with the De d'Or (Golden Thimble Award).He was even decorated with the Commendatore del Ordine by the President of the Italian Republic.

Since the beginning of his company Baila in 1974, Ferré has branched out into a numerous amount of subsidiary brands.Based on his veritable skills in design, his product lines include Forma Zero, Oaks, Studio .0001, GFF, and Ferrejeans.Many of his lines cater to women, men and even children.Furs, beachwear, watches, fragrances and eyewear are just some of the products that Ferré various brands produce.They continue to add even more prestige to his name by selling at his seventeen worldwide boutiques and other upscale stores.He has even opened E'spa at Gianfranco Ferré, an exclusive spa that pampers its clients to better their beauty, body and overall wellness.With a long list of accomplishments, Gianfranco Ferré differentiates himself from other Italian designers by infusing his eye for detail with his inspired style to create pieces that are confident and not pretentious.

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