Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

If you are looking for a fabulous baby shower gift idea, look no further!

New moms-to-be, especially women who are going through their very first pregnancy, have a lot to look forward to when a new baby comes along. There are the first precious days and weeks when the baby will go outdoors for the first time, wear her first cute outfit, make her first little burp and have her first shopping excursion. More than likely they will have purchased themselves all the major items like the car seat, the stroller, the rocker and the crib. It is all those little things they may not know about or forget that they will need help with. This is where you step in by giving them a great baby shower gift.

* When my sister had her first child, she thought she had everything ready for the new baby's arrival. She did, until a week later when she realized that babies go through formula AND diapers at a break neck speed. One of her saving graces was a gift she received from one of our aunts at her baby shower. My aunt had purchased a large wicker basket (that could serve as storage or a laundry basket) and filled it to the rim with extra formula, baby powder, packs upon packs of diapers and baby wipes and little extras like Q-Tips, baby laundry detergent and nail clippers.

* On the same note, you could purchase a baby bathtub and fill it with baby shampoos, baby soaps and gels, baby bathtub mitts and large plastic bath toys.

* Whenever baby is born, she will have a year's worth of holiday outfits she will eventually have to buy. You can give the mother-to-be a head start by purchasing age-appropriate outfits for different holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and The Fourth of July.

* Long gone are the days when moms and dads had to pull themselves out of bed in the middle of the night and heat a bottle in a saucepan of water over the stove. Nowadays, there are such things as bottle warmers that you can plug in right by the crib that will keep a bottle of formula warm until you need it. This way you don't have to bump into couches and coffee tables in the middle of the night trying to get to the kitchen.

* If there is one thing that mothers always need in excess it is packages of onesies, baby mittens (so the baby doesn't scratch her/himself in the face) and baby hats. People will usually not buy these items thinking that EVERYBODY will buy these items and most people end up not getting them. A baby can go through two to three onesies a day, if they soil themselves or spit up on their clothes.

* If you go to a store that sells baby items or a store that sells DVDs, more than likely you will see the new wave of videos that are used to entince and stimulate your baby during their formative years. They usually have titles like "Baby Mozart" or "Baby Picasso." They are full of fun music tunes and visual stimuli to get your baby's attention.

* Probably the best thing you can do for a baby now, even though they won't reap the benefits until they go to college, is to open up an educational IRA in the child's name. Especially if you are a close relative of the family, you can commit to putting in $15 or $25 a month until the baby goes off to college. Fifteen and twenty dollars doesn't sound like a lot but it sure adds up over 18 years and with all of that time to accumulate interest. If you'd rather not put in a fixed amount monthly, you can just invest a one-time lump sum. Talk to your financial advisor about the possibilities.

* The baby will be providing a lot of "firsts" for her new family. Why not provide the baby with her first quilt/blanket or her first piggy bank or first teddy bear?

* A wonderful gift for a new mother is a blank baby-inspired scrapbook for the new mother and family to fill up with journal entries and pictures of the new baby.

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