Gift Ideas For The Golf Lover

Gift ideas for golfers cover a range of prices.

Golf is an all-encompassing sport. For those who love it, golf does not end on the golf course; instead, it is present in the home, the office, and even on vacation. As a result, the gift possibilities for the golf lover are endless. Below are suggestions for golf gifts.

The most obvious gift for the golf lover is golf equipment. Conveniently, equipment can cost anything from hundreds of dollars for new clubs to a few cents for tees. An additional convenience is that golfers always need to replenish certain things. For example, golf balls and tees are always a good gift since balls are frequently lost and tees are frequently broken. Also, golf balls are easy to personalize with colors or specific brands. Golf balls can even come in monogrammed sets. Golf gloves are also a good gift because they wear out and become dingy so quickly.

In addition to the above ideas, more expensive equipment can also make a nice gift. While an entirely new set of clubs might be difficult without the golfer's input, giving a single club is a wonderful gift. For example, advanced golfers usually have at least two putters in their bag for different conditions and for variety. Drivers are also a type of club that can be given individually, and club manufacturers (like Top-Flight, Ping, Titleist for example) usually have signature drivers that make excellent stand-alone gifts.

If the golfer already has more equipment than he or she needs, golf apparel is another option. Because most golf clubs have strict dress codes (usually setting standards on collared shirts and the length of shorts), be sure that the clothing will be allowed on the course. Windbreakers and rain jackets are frequently made to fit compactly into a golf bag in case of bad weather, and a golf umbrella is also a practical gift. Before the heat of the summer, golf hats or visors can be timely gifts.

Most golfers lament that they do not have enough time to golf and compensate for this problem by having numerous golf gadgets. Think of so many movies and television shows with the fake putting green in the office and the executive that hits balls throughout the day. Although most people would not have space for that gift, many other gadgets exist for the office. A tip-a-day calendar, desk games that help develop better aim (presumably for putting), and other trinkets can remind the golfer of the sport he loves, even while at the office.

Similar to office accessories, golf accessories for the home are also a great gift. Golf club organizers, flags that say "19th Hole" and other items can all blend well with a golfing household. Party accessories like cocktail napkins, glasses, or dishware are particularly easy to find in golf themes because golf is such a social sport. Golf frames are a nice gift, especially since tournaments frequently give participants pictures of their team. Golfers are always looking to share their sport with those around them. A thoughtful gift idea would be to participate in a golf day with the golf enthusiast. A daughter looking for a good Father's Day gift could try golfing with her father that Sunday for a few holes, or an older child could offer to caddy for a parent in an upcoming club tournament.

Another day-of-golf gift is to treat the golfer to a round at a different course in the area. Most golfers have a group of friends they frequently golf with, so perhaps the spouses could coordinate a day of golf for the group and dinner afterwards. The opportunity to play at new course is always welcomed by a golfer, and many vacations are even motivated by the desire to play a certain course.

In fact, perhaps the most extravagant gift for a golf lover would be a golf vacation. Many companies specialize in creating and planning golf trips, working out the lodging, tee times, and other details. Dependent on the area, some groups are even able to play at a new club each day of the trip. It is also easy for an individual to plan a trip to a golf resort for a long weekend. Many resorts have packages for this purpose, as well as spa or other fitness options if the spouse does not golf.

An even more focused vacation is a trip to golf school for a week. This gift is particularly nice for a beginner golfer ready to make a big step forward or for someone who has developed a problem with his swing. Golf academies are located in warmer climates, like Florida, and are a great social experience as well as a learning opportunity. No matter the price or the gift, golfers are wonderful people to shop for. The sport offers many gift options, from the inexpensive to the extravagant.

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