Gift Ideas For A High School Graduate

Planning on attending a party for a new high school graduate? Here are a few ideas for gifts the new grad may want to receive.

Most of us can remember back to our high school graduation when we all felt like we had the world by its tail. Some of us were moving off to a new city or a new state to attend college while others were enlisting in the military. Some of us were staying at home to attend a local community college and save some money, while others were going straight into the job market. We all shared one thing in common, though. We had that feeling of accomplishment and independence. From that point on, the world was ours for the taking. So what do you buy for that high school graduate who is ready to take on the world?

* Purchasing a large laundry basket filled with dormitory essentials is a must. Possible items to include: rolls of quarters for laundry, large container of laundry detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, hangers and fluffy bath towels.

* More than likely, the new high school graduate will be moving away from home, so a cell phone would be a wonderful gift. If that is a little out of your price range, why not buy the new graduate a couple of thirty or sixty minute phone cards he/she can use to call home?

* Upon moving into a dormitory, most new students will more than likely be sharing the bathroom with at least one other person. A shower gift basket would be a perfect gift. Buy a plastic shower basket (something that the new college student can carry with him/her into the dorm shower) and fill it with bars of soap or shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, a hairbrush, razors, shower gel, a loofah and some lotions or body sprays.

* If the high school graduate thought high school was stressful with all of the different projects and homework and extracurricular activities, wait until he starts attending college. A nice paper college planner (to keep a schedule of classes as well as tests and study schedules) will help the student study more efficiently and keep up with meetings, classes and appointments.

* One of the biggest expenses upon entering college is the price of the different course books. Small workbooks will cost upwards of $50 and old-worn out torn books can cost about $150. A gift card to one of the bookstores near campus will lift the financial burden off the student when he/she enters college.

* Now that high school is still fresh in memory, why not buy the new graduate a scrapbook, complete with graduation stickers and cut-outs. On their off-time, in between studying breaks, they can work on their scrapbook that highlights their high school years as well as all the new events and memories of their college years, thus far.

* If you can afford it, a nice, minimally-priced digital or regular camera will help the graduate capture new college memories.

* A package of new bed sheets, pillow covers, pillows and a new comforter will be a welcome and cozy addition to any new dormitory room.

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