Gift Ideas For People Who Love To Fish

A description of gifts for people who love to fish, from practical and household items to novelty gags, including equipment, media, clothing, and more.

Choosing meaningful gifts is always a challenge. Hobbyists, however, are easier to shop for because of the wide variety of specialized and themed merchandise found in stores and online outlets. If the hobby in question is fishing, dozens of gift options are available for every fisherman, from novices to competitive professionals. Fishing gifts can be found at novelty stores, gift shops, and even fishing supply stores. Practical, household, and novelty items are available, any of which would be appreciated because the giver is acknowledging the recipient's love of fishing. That thoughtfulness is the best gift of all.

Gifts For Fishermen: Practical Ideas

People who love to fish always appreciate gifts that encourage them to go fishing more often. Useful supplies that make great gifts include lures, bait, extra fishing lines, hooks, and sinkers. Tackle boxes come in different sizes with multiple compartments for sorting lures and hooks, and a detachable rod butt or long-handled gaff is a superb choice for anyone who regularly fishes for larger species.

Different types of clothing make very practical gifts for fishermen. Hats and visors help protect against the sun's glare and allow greater visibility into the water, and a hat clip that attaches to the shirt collar is useful on windy days. Polarized sunglasses also reduce glare and increase visibility, and a sunglass strap to secure them would be welcome as well. A durable vest with multiple pockets is useful for carrying different types of gear, and a sturdy raincoat or poncho is necessary for wet days.

Other practical fishing gifts include a filet knife and knife sharpener, boating sonar equipment, waterproof pouches in different sizes, ice chests, and even bug repellant. Any of these choices provides useful equipment on the dock, the boat, or the shore as the fisherman revels in his favorite pastime.

Gifts for Fishermen: Household Ideas

Many fishermen are very selective about their equipment, and it may be easier to choose gifts that reflect their love of fishing rather than risk selecting the wrong supplies. A wide range of household items are available with a fishing theme.

Fish decals come in different sizes and species, and can be applied to a boat, car, mailbox (which can itself be shaped like a fish), or other flat surface. Trailer hitch covers are available in both fish and boat propeller designs to add a clever acknowledgement of a fisherman's passion to their vehicle. License plate holder and covers are also great vehicle accessories, and a keychain in a fish or reel shape is a great accompaniment.

Inside the home, fishing decorations can be found in nearly every room. Fish designs on wallpaper and wallpaper borders can create an entire fishing-themed room. Lamps and clocks come in a range of fishing designs, from one large fish to an entire school. Telephones are available as fish, in both standard and cordless models. Even such outrageous items like a fishing lure toilet seat are available for the truly avid fisherman.

Smaller items are also designed for fishing enthusiasts. Slippers come in a variety of fish species, as do playing cards. Business card holders can feature a single fish or an entire fishing scene, and are suitable for any home office or executive suite. Stationery can feature fishing and boating scenes as note cards, letterhead paper, or even personalized business cards. Even music CDs are available with a compilation of different fishing songs.

Since most fish are ultimately destined for the dinner table, a wide range of fishing-themed gifts can be found for the kitchen. Coffee and thermal mugs with fish, lure, or hook patterns can be purchased in sets or individually, and may offer a choice of fish species. Fish mouth can coolers are useful both in the kitchen and on the boat. Salt and pepper shakers come in species designs and can create the illusion that the fish is swimming through the table. Cutting boards can be fish-shaped, and even entire dinnerware sets are available with fish designs. Regardless of the d├ęcor in a fisherman's house, fishing-themed items will always be welcome to highlight his passion for the sport.

Gifts for Fishermen: Media Ideas

A media gift, whether it is a popular book, exciting movie, or magazine subscription, can be enjoyed throughout the year, whether on the boat or in an easy chair. Fishing books offer an astonishing range of topics, from biographies of famous fishermen to destination guides discussing details about the best places to fish at different times of year and for different varieties of fish. Fishing guides are very popular, offering tips and advice for all types of fishing - angling, deep sea fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing and more - for everyone from beginners to experts. Even how-to books on subjects like knot-tying and species identification would make useful gifts for fishermen. Humor books are also a popular choice.

Magazine subscriptions are enjoyable gifts that are appreciated long past a birthday or holiday. Publications range from generic all-purpose fishing titles to specific areas of the sport such as fly fishing, saltwater fishing, and angling. Boating magazines are also appropriate selections.

Videos and DVDs can be very helpful for people who love fishing. Instructional videos can be found for all aspects of fishing, from basic tips to expert tactics for fishing specific species, such as trout or bass. Geographic videos detail the benefits of fishing at particular locations, and tournament coverage offers insights for competitive fishermen. On a more lighthearted side, entertaining popular videos about fishing exploits are a humorous alternative and excellent gift choice.

Gifts for Fishermen: Novelty Ideas

As with any hobby, a selection of crazy novelty gifts is available to poke fun at the overly enthusiastic or unsuccessful fisherman. Personalized cartoons and caricatures portray any number of humorous situations, including the fisherman being caught by the fish, or the minnow that got away. Wind-up or stuffed fish toys make perfect gag gifts, and singing fish plaques are available for the fisherman who has everything. To placate the unlucky fishing enthusiast, a gift certificate to a seafood restaurant or a container of fish-shaped crackers can help remind them of what fish really look and taste like. Gift wrap also comes in fishing-related patterns, and can be used with both fishing and non-fishing gifts.

From dinnerware to magazines to singing fish, there are as many gifts for people who love fishing as there are fish in the sea. By choosing a gift that acknowledges their passion for fishing, whether a practical choice or a novelty item, you demonstrate your friendship and support of their hobby. Because of that friendship, any fishing-related gift will always be a great catch.

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