Gift Ideas For Somebody Who Is Sick Or In The Hospital

Have a friend who is sick or in the hospital? Cheer them up with one of the following gift ideas.

Ask anybody who has ever had to stay in a hospital for more than a few days and they can tell you it is no walk in the park. While some people might think that lying in bed all day watching television would be a relaxing vacation from a normally hectic life, lying in bed all day because you have to (and not because you want to) due to an illness or doctor's orders can take all the fun away. If you have a friend or family member who is sick or currently in the hospital, why not cheer them up and make their stay more bearable with one of the following gifts.

* Ever been to a doctor's office and picked up one of the magazines they have laying around? They're usually outdated and uninteresting. The hospital magazines are not much better, if they even have any reading material to offer. Pick up an array of magazines and newspapers from a local newsstand so your friend can stay abreast of the latest news (and celebrity gossip). Or, if your friend loves to read novels, pick up a few of the latest bestsellers from the bookstore to help them pass the time.

* Have a friend who loves to listen to music? Get them an inexpensive MP3 player and load it up with songs from some of their favorite artists. You can also get them a few of their favorite CDs or a small boom box so they can listen to their favorite radio stations.

* Fill a basket with lots of treats like chocolates, popcorn, teas, crackers and soups to make the hospital stay (and food) a little more bearable. Of course, be sure to find out whether or not your friend is on any kind of restricted diet and adjust the snacks accordingly. Throw in a few crossword puzzle, word search and mystery books so your friend can have something else to do besides watching television and going stir crazy all day.

* Never underestimate the power of color in an otherwise bland room. Get a bouquet of bright flowers or balloons to help give your friend's normally drab hospital room a splash of color.

* Unfortunately, a hospital doesn't exactly offer its patients wonderful amenities in terms of the actual bed provided. Get your friend a comfortable and colorful quilt and cozy pillow they can use instead of the normal (and worn) hospital-issued set.

* Most people have been victim to the hospital or doctor-issued gown which cannot exactly be considered flattering. Purchase a warm robe and some fuzzy slippers for your friend to wear during their stay in the hospital.

* All hospitals have that same "hospital" smell and feel. One never walks into a hospital and feels cozy. Help make your friend's room a little more bearable by getting him/her some gel candles (these types of candles do not need to be lit as they act more as a room freshener). Get some frames and fill them with pictures of your friend's family members and friends so they can place them by their bedside.

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