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How to get gifts for anyone absolutely free from sources both on and off the Internet.

Getting free gifts on the Internet

The Internet as a venue has opened up all kinds of new ways to sell goods and services and with that, there comes marketing. There are many ways to market on the Internet but a chief way has been to reward those who surf to a Web site with a freebie, a free item or product sample of some kind to draw them back, to build up the traffic of potential customers. This article will provide instructions for locating these freebies and many other sources of free gifts to give to anyone for any occasion.

Since we have delved into the Internet, let's start here. The first and most obvious way to find free gifts on the Internet is to use Search Engines. But what words to input, that's the question. Well, I have successfully used any and all of the following words to find free offers and you can too, just try: "˜free, freebies, free gift, free stuff, free stuff sites, 100% rebate, reward' and literally and other keyword you can name. Also try searching with wildcards. With a wildcard for example you might input *free*.* in the search field of every broadly applicable search engine you can find and see what comes up. In this case it should bring up several sites dedicated to free items. If you have selected something that will bring the results you are looking for, you'll know on the very first page of results that are returned. You can also try something even more obvious. You can put in free fill in the blank with the name of the specific item you want free. Believe it or not, searches for free homes, free cars and other big-ticket items brought back genuine and viable results. Try it yourself at a couple major search engines and check the first 20 items thoroughly and see if there isn't at least one match.

There are many ways information is presented on the Internet: email newsletters, news groups, shared in chat rooms and clubs. There are examples of all these and more that exist solely to discuss free gifts on the Internet and elsewhere and to guide you in finding them. These again will either be affiliated with or can be found through one or more of the major search engines. There are even search engines which exist themselves for finding free stuff; one in particular comes to mind that currently exists for finding free T-shirt offers, which are out there by the hundreds.

As you might gather from a key search phrase discussed earlier, there are sites that offer a full 100% rebate on items purchased. There are those that rebate items of many kinds from A to Z and others that 100% rebate on one particular category of item, the one that comes to mind here being a clothing rebate store.

There are goods available from the US government, from NASA and other scientific and related research institutes and initiatives as a means of promotion. I recently gave the wonderful Christmas gift of a large resource of several hours of video on CD-ROM. The content included various views of the earth and outer space and I got this gift from such a scientific institute as I have mentioned. I searched and found it all, on the Internet.

Getting free gifts elsewhere

You can also follow very closely in the news as to when and where various major corporations will be doing on site promotions. Often you can catch a radio promo where free merchandise marked with the company logo will be given away. Some of it is garbage but there are those that have some real good stuff like T-shirts, beach balls, Frisbees and what have you. Call the radio station involved and ask what some giveaways might be.

Check the company you or a friend works for. If you don't like the freebies your own company gives away, maybe you can trade them for those from a friend's place of employment. Make sure they are giveaways though; stealing from the supply closet doesn't count and isn't recommended.

You can also get free stuff by asking a store manager to throw in the last of an unpopular item free with another purchase (one you already plan to make). Things like this come along more often in the course of a year than you think, you just have to train yourself to keep your eyes open, and your courage up to ask. All they can do is say no.

Don't forget free services. Local businesses often participate in coupon books that offer a first time free service or product. For example a trip to the masseuse, I actually had a free massage as part of a two-week trial at a local fitness center.

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