Gift Wrap Ideas: Make Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper

Don't use the same old wrapping paper when you can have fun hand-making it. Kids will love to help out with this fun holiday craft.

Candy canes, Santa Claus, and holly: it's the same old thing every year. This year, don't get out last year's half-used roll of wrapping paper. You can hand make your own gift wrap in as much time as it takes you to go to the crowded store and browse that picked-through selection of the same wrapping paper you already saw last year. With just a little paint and some blank paper you can create one of a kind packaging that will have everyone anxious to find out what's inside. The best part about the project is that kids will love to do it too. So get a project underway and spend time with family all at the same time. This could be the most fun you have all season.


1) Solid colored butcher paper. You can start with white or choose any color you want. The amount you need depends on the number and size of the gifts you plant to wrap. Buy a little more than you think you'll need, just in case.

2) Craft paint in holiday-themed colors

3) Small paint brushes for small details

4) Medium sized paint brushes

5) Glitter (This is optional. The kids will definitely like it.)

6) Holiday-themed stencils and/or stamps. Buy them in various sizes and patterns.

7) Pencil


Before you begin, consider your work station. You will want something that has a flat, smooth surface for easy painting. You will need plenty of elbow room so choose a large surface. If you choose to paint at a table, a countertop or even on the floor, decide whether or not you would mind seeing paint splattered on that surface. If you would, then remember to cover the surface with several layers of newspaper before you open the paint.

If you purchased your butcher paper from a roll you will want to flatten it out before you begin. Cut off a large section and weigh down the edges with paperweights, rocks or anything else heavy enough to do the job. This should keep your paper from rolling up while you try to paint on it.

Gather all of your materials together and make sure you have everything you need before you get started. Now you are ready to start painting.


1) You should already have pieces of butcher paper laid out flat and weighed down. Decide on a pattern before you begin to draw or stamp on the paper. For example, if you choose a snowman design you might also want to add small snowflakes to the pattern or a scarf around his neck.

2) When you have planned the pattern that is to be painted onto the paper you can start to paint it accordingly. If you are using a stencil, place the stencil on the paper and lightly trace it on with a pencil. Finish stenciling the whole paper before you begin painting. If you are using a stamp, with your paintbrush, paint the stamp with desired color(s) and stamp it onto the paper in the desired pattern.

3) If sprinkling glitter, do so in desired areas before paint dries.

Allow paint to dry completely before wrapping gifts.

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