Gift Wrapping Paper From Scratch

Make your own gift wrapping paper that is elegant, economical, and fun.

You have bought the gift, added a card for several dollars more and now you need to wrap it. By the time you add the cost of the card and wrapping paper, they can cost as much as the gift itself. Is there an easy way to save a few dollars? Yes! Make your own wrapping paper. Not only can this save you money, it will lend that special added touch that can make your gift be much more special and you can have some fun in the process.

Basic Materials

White or Brown craft-paper (butcher paper)

This will be used for each project. This can be purchased in large sheets or rolls. Economically, and saving money is the main idea, butcher paper in large rolls, would be the biggest way to save money. Inquire at your local grocery stores meat department to see if you can purchase large rolls through them. On the stores shelves, look in the aisle by lunch bags and freezer bags. Many stores carry smaller rolls of freezer wrap that will work perfectly. Large sheets of craft paper for this purpose can also be bought at nearly any discount store or craft store.


Newspaper is essential. It should be laid out before starting these projects to protect work area from "˜flying' paint!


Splatter Wrap

Additional Materials: Acrylic paint in assorted colors, old toothbrushes, scissors, and stencils if desired.

Note: Gold and silver paint is perfect for making wrapping paper intended for a wedding or anniversary gift. Just because something is handmade does not mean it cannot be elegant!

With a sheet of paper cut to size desired, lay out on newspaper covered work area. Take toothbrush and lightly dip in paint. Tap off excess paint back into paint container. With edge of finger, run along bristles making paint splatter onto paper. This can be done with one or several colors. Stencils can be placed down on paper to achieve different designs. When using stencils, it is best to allow each layer of paint to dry before moving stencils. Experimentation works best and is the best way to achieve desired results.

Splatter Wrap 2

Similar to above, using paintbrushes instead of toothbrushes. After dipping brush into paint, do not tap off extra paint back into paint containers. Fling paint onto paper. This will give a much deeper paint coating than toothbrush splatter.

Stamp Art Paper

Additional Materials: Inkpads or acrylic paint, store purchased stamps or items gathered from around the house

Here again, your imagination is your only limitation. Stamps are available in thousands, yes thousands, of patterns and pictures. Do not overlook what is already in your possession though. The sole of an old baby shoe can be a perfect "˜stamp' for that baby shower gift. How about an assortment of sliced vegetables as stamps to make a unique wrapping paper for a housewarming gift for the kitchen.

Rainbow and Sponge Paper

Additional Materials: Soft Kitchen Sponges, acrylic paint in yellow, red, blue, yellow, and other assorted colors.

Dipping sponge in one color of paint, making sure to not use to much paint, drag across paper in shape of rainbow. Repeat with same color in assorted places all over paper. Rinse sponge and with next color, repeat on each rainbow shape originally made. Continue until all colors are used. Besides rainbow shapes, experiment with others: Straight, circular, etc. Do not forget to try this with the gold and silver paints. The results with these colors are exceptionally nice.

With all papers, allow paint to dry thoroughly before storing. Store paper flat or in roll. The next time you have a gift to buy, you can put all your extra money towards the gift itself, knowing that the paper alone will not cost you a small fortune!

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