How To Get A Girlfriend: Tips For College Freshmen

Male college freshman have a remarkably unique opportunity to meet and date women, but it can be a daunting task for the unprepared.

The first year of one's college career can be a highly tumultuous and confusing time, but it affords more opportunities to meet new people and experience new things in a short period of time than just about any other social institution.Every freshman wants to make new friends when they first get there, but a lot of guys are especially interested in finding a significant other, which is not always easy.However, I hope these suggestions will help male college freshmen out in that endeavor.

The first step in meeting a future girlfriend is obviously to meet people.Thankfully, most colleges and universities bombard new students with activities meant to encourage meeting people.Be sure to take advantage of these one-of-a-kind orientation events, and attend as many as possible.After all, the more people you meet, the better your chances of finding somebody who you really "click" with.Joining a variety of social or academic clubs on campus when they are offered is another good way to meet a whole new group of people.Also, if you live in a dormitory on campus, try leaving the door to your room open for the first week of school, if you are able to.This generally gives the floor and your room a feeling of openness; an invitation for people to walk in and introduce themselves to you, regardless of whether or not they even live on your floor.Finally, while it is perhaps a bit cliché, and not entirely recommended, house parties and the like offer a lot of people to meet in a small social atmosphere.

Even if you are incredibly shy, and not used to making new acquaintances and talking to girls, you still have a major benefit as a college freshman; that is, most everyone else you talk to will be in the same boat as you are - a new student in a strange place, possibly homesick, and trying to make friends.Plus you very likely come from completely different hometowns or cities, and thus, probably can come up with quite a lot to talk about.So don't be afraid, be yourself, and most importantly, try and have some confidence in yourself.Few things make a better first impression on somebody, especially a member of the opposite sex, than a guy who exudes an air of confidence.You don't have to be the best-looking guy on campus (though it does help to be looking your personal best when you are meeting people), but if you have some self-confidence while talking to a girl, you will leave them with a very positive mental image of you.

So now you've met some girls, and want to ask one out on a date, what do you do?You probably do not know the town the college is in all that well yet, and you can't very well take her out to dinner at the campus cafeteria.One very simple idea is a picnic, or a scenic walk.Both can be very romantic and afford a lot of conversation time, plus you could very easily do the both of them on or near your campus.If you would still prefer to go on a more formal date, try asking a resident advisor or other upperclassman, or somebody you know is a native of your town where a nice restaurant, theater, or other date spot is.They most likely have been through the same challenge you have, and can help you out with ideas.

Finding a girlfriend usually is not a cake-walk, but if you recognize some of the advantages of looking for one in college, and utilize them to the fullest with confidence and a bit of charm, it should be hopefully a little less stressful.Leaving you, of course, more time to stress out about your classes.

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