Girls birthday beach party ideas

Want a unique idea for planning your little girl's next birthday party? Read on for some tips for throwing a fun-filled beach party.

Planning a birthday party for your child can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it's hard to come up with a unique theme. If you're looking for a cool idea for your little girl's next birthday party, why not host a beach party? You don't have to live within driving distance of a beach to do it, either!

Here are some tips to help you plan an at-home beach bash that will be tons of fun for your child and all of her friends:

-- Create a cool invitation. The best party invitations are homemade-- and with the help of your computer you can create a one-of-a -kind invitation. Try printing your invitation out on beach-themed paper, or use your computer's clip art program to add graphics like a sun or a palm tree.

-- Bathing suits required. Make sure to tell all of your guests to wear their bathing suits under their clothes-- even if it's January! If it's a chilly day, you can always crank up your heat so your guests won't get cold.

-- Party favors. Give each guest a homemade beach tag when they arrive at the party. It will make for a cute party favor and will make your homemade beach seem more authentic.

-- Decorating ideas. Forget the kitchen table and chairs--set out beach towels and beach chairs for your guests to lounge on. You can put out a big beach blanket as well. Hang a sign on your front door that says "Welcome to (birthday child's name) Beach". Blow up a bunch of blue balloons and let them float in every room. Hang tropical posters and blue streamers on the walls and check your local party store for blow-up palm trees and other decorations. Make a huge sun out of bright yellow poster board and hang it on the ceiling.

-- Music. Dust off your old boom box and crank up the Beach Boys, some Hawaiian music or your kid's favorite pop tunes. Purchase inexpensive lei's and have a hula contest.

-- Serve picnic-style food. Prepare a beach-like box lunch for each guest. Some suggestions to include are sandwiches, fruit, gold fish crackers and juice boxes. Or you can fire up your back yard grill and serve roasted hotdogs and hamburgers to your guests. Have a cooler available and fill it with cold treats like sodas, pasta salads and popsicles.

-- The cake. Check your local party store for a beach-themed cake topper or trinkets that you can put on top of cupcakes. If you don't like to bake, stop by the bakery department of your favorite grocery store-- most stores will customize a cake in any theme that you choose.

-- Game time. Completely clear out a room in your house and play beachy games like volleyball or beach tennis (use an inflatable beach ball if playing indoors). If the weather permits, step out into the yard for a water balloon toss or utilize your kid's sand box for a treasure hunt- style sand dig.

-- If you have a pool and the weather is nice, send the partygoers outside to get wet (a Jacuzzi or a sprinkler can also be used). Make certain that there is enough adult supervision available when the children are near the water.

-- During the party, take a picture of each guest with your child. You can include a copy of the picture with your child's thank you note and it will provide your guests with a memorable keepsake of the party.

-- Goody bags. Check your local dollar store for plastic sand buckets. Fill them with inexpensive sunglasses, a small bottle of sunscreen, sand toys, seashells, and bubbles. Your guests will love using these items the next time they go to the real beach!

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