How Do I Give Myself A Manicure?

Find out how you can give yourself a much-deserved manicure by reading this article.

Giving yourself a manicure is just one of the ways that you can pamper yourself and make your hands and nails look great at the same time. If you go to a salon, you can sometimes pay quite a bit to have a manicure professionally done. Or, you can do-it-yourself and save yourself some money. In order to do this, you will need to follow these simple steps:

Step Number One- Trim, smooth and shape your fingernails if they need it. If your fingernails are shaped, then use an emery board to make sure they are shaped well and the edges are smooth too. If your fingernails are not shaped, or you are a man, then use a pair of fingernail clippers to trim them. Remember to trim them so that the ends of your fingernails are cut straight across. Finally, smooth the edge of each nail with an emery board. Now, you are ready for the next step.

Step Number Two- If your fingernails are polished, then remove the polish now by using nail polish remover. Most polish removers are made from acetone which works well to remove the nail polish, but this is very hard on your fingernails. Try to find a nail polish remover that contains aloe vera or some other additive that is a little gentler to your nails. Wipe the polish off along with the remover by using cotton balls. This would be a good time to examine your nails for signs of problem areas. For example, are your nails ridged? You can gently buff them to remove these ridges. Are your nails brittle and do they break easily? This may be from a lack of nutrients in your diet. Try drinking Knox gelatin on a regular basis and see if that doesn't help. If not, consult your doctor or dermatologist for other possible solutions.

Step Number Three- Prepare a small bowl. Fill it with warm, not hot water and a drop or two of scented oil, shower gel, etc. What you are looking for here is an additive that is going to help soften your nails. Mix the additive into the water well. Put your fingertips into the bowl and soak then for several minutes.

Step Number Four- After soaking your fingernails for about five minutes, remove your hands from the water and dry them thoroughly on a soft towel. Then use a good cuticle softener--there are many good brands on the market--to soften your cuticles. Next, use a cuticle stick to gently push the cuticles back on every fingernail. Do not push the cuticles too far back, just back far enough so that they are off the base of the fingernail. If you are a man or a woman who chooses not to paint her nails, then you are finished with your manicure. Don't your fingernails feel and look good?

Otherwise, if you choose to polish your nails, rinse your fingers off well with clean water then dry them well. Paint on a base coat, hardener, or fingernail polish, as you desire. You can also purchase stickers and decals that are specifically made for fingernails.

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