How To Give Someone A Makeover

Learn how to give a relaxing and exciting makeover at home, complete with spa-like details.

There is hardly a man or woman out there who does not want to look his or her best.The fashion and makeup industries are huge; the pressure to be beautiful is felt by us all.Beyond the pressure though, there remains the simple fact that looking nice, getting made up and changing one's own style can be fun.Just as kids enjoy dressing up, adults can have their own fun with department store makeovers or luxury spa retreats.Makeovers need not be the sole domain of cosmetics counters though, since they can be easily given and received at home.

Giving someone else a makeover can be a simple or a complicated process, depending on the goal of the makeover and the treatments included.The most basic makeover involves trying out new makeup products and giving the recipient a chance to try out a new style.Giving someone a basic makeover can be a lot of fun as long as you remember a few standard rules.First of all, keep the makeup you use sanitary.For those of us giving home makeovers to try out new styles and colors, consider purchasing new, inexpensive makeup in a variety of colors; though quality is important for long-term wear, a cheap or knockoff version for the purposes of a quick makeover is best to help determine basic colors.Also, to make sure that the makeup remains sanitary either use single-use applicators (like cotton swabs) or blending sponges that can be used for one person only.

Though the purpose of basic makeovers is to try out new colors and styles, make sure to be aware of the general desires of the person being made over.You want to help your subject explore new styles, not shock her into avoiding them!Unless your subject is used to bold and bright colors, use them sparingly and with neutrals to help achieve a timeless but still contemporary look.

If you want to give a makeover that explores more than new makeup choices, there are a number of spa-like rituals that can help make the experience an elegant and relaxing one.Facials help not only to even out the skin tone and restore a healthful glow, but can also be used after a makeup-focused makeover as a skin soother.A number of companies now market moisturizing facials and masks to be used at home.You can make your own by mixing together common household ingredients like oatmeal, avocado, banana and egg whites to create an all-natural version.Look online or in holistic specialty stores for recipes to create your own scrubs, facials and lotions.Do not forget that cool slices of cucumber or recycled tea bags can be placed atop closed eyelids for an extra special treat.

Remember also that the joy of a makeover or mini spa-retreat is in the details.Provide participants with relaxation for all their senses: play a soothing soundtrack softly in the background, arrange beautiful cut flowers for visual interest and a sweet scent, and provide water with lemon for your subjects to drink.The smallest things can help to set the mood for the makeover.Be creative, remember your inner beauty and always have fun.

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