Global Warming Prevention

Description of global warming prevention and what can be done by the individual in and around their home to help.

The terms "global warming" and "greenhouse effect" have become common topics of conversation worldwide. Synonymous with climate change and pollution, this issue is the contributor for mass speculation. Every individual has the ability to help ensure the health of our environment and awareness and education is the first step. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the sole fault of large corporations that our environment is in crisis. It is us, the individual consumer. Without our need and demand, these companies would not be producing ecologically harmful products. Information is our best defense and making more environmentally sound decisions our best offense. There are many substitutes for products and merchandise that would be more environmentally safe, it is just a matter of knowing what they are.


Avoid chlorine at all cost! Use of any chlorine compounds is very harmful to the environment including bubbles in plastic foam, spray paint, fire extinguishers, bleach and a multitude of discarded household and industrial chemicals. Phosphates found in many laundry detergents and soaps contributes to water pollution and should be avoided. Aresols such as air fresheners and hair sprays can contain butane/pentane which contributes to air pollution and should be avoided. What out for products that are "bleached" white ( wipes, writing paper) and look for companies that offer the same products which are whitened with peroxide and chlorine dioxide which is less harmful to the environment.

According to Seventh Generation, "boric acid and pepper sprinkled in places like backs of cupboards" are effective methods of pest control as a substitute for harmful insecticides and poisons. As well "planting mint around the house" will help discourage pests from entering your home. Cedar chips are effective for moth control, and even feeding your dog brewers yeast will help control fleas.


It is very important to keep up on the maintenance of your refrigerator and air conditioners as they can leak very toxic and harmful chemicals. Furnace maintenance will help to reduce the amount of heat you need, thus reducing fossil fuel production.

Waste and Recycling-

It is very beneficial to use recycled paper or to use products that are manufactured from ecologically managed forests. According to Seventh Generation "if every household in the US replaced just one roll of 1000 sheets of toilet paper with recycled toilet paper, could save 373,000 trees, 1.48 million cubic feet of landfill space (equal to over 1682 full garbage trucks), 155 million gallons of water (a years supply for 4465 families of four) and avoid 62,000 pounds of pollution". It has been said that it takes roughly 19 trees to make one ton of paper and that the usage of one ton of recycled paper will save approximately 17 trees. Of course there is the importance of recycling your trash, separating the cans, glasses and papers.

Home maintenance-

Due to the harmful process of making fossil fuels, we should do what we can to reduce their production. Weatherstripping, insulation and proper ventilation will go along way to reducing the amount of heat your home needs. Use of cold water instead of hot will reduce the amount of energy needed, as well only running dishwashers and washing machines when full.

Composting will help you to dispose of biodegradable waste in your home and planting trees on your property will enhance the appearance of your home. As well as being visually appealing, trees help to control carbon dioxides in the air, and helps to dispose of toxins in the soil. Thus preventing them from being released into the atmosphere.

Arguments are being debated over how extensive this problem is and according to Albert K Bates who wrote "Climate in Crisis", "the current warming is happening much faster than it has ever happened looking back millions of years". He also continues on to say, "it now seems evident that this most recent warming is caused by human activity, rather than by geological or astronomical processes" If it is by human practices that we have caused this issue, then it should be by human intervention that it is impeded or reversed.

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