Glowstick Crafts: Fun Homemade Glowstick Bracelet Ideas

Here are some great ideas for making glowstick bracelets, along with ideas on using them for girls' fashions and decorating at parties.

The light produced by the chemical reaction when you snap a glow stick is called chemiluminescence. The reaction happens when you snap the stick and two chemicals mix together, along with a fluorescent dye. The chemicals are usually hydrogen peroxide, commonly found at drugstores and pheyl oxalate ester, a little more difficult chemical to purchase. Because of this, it's hard to make genuine glowsticks at home. One way to make a similar type of stick though, is to use clear drinking straws, filled with luminescent paint. Place a wax plug at one end, fill the straw with paint and place another wax plug at the other end. Twist the straws into a circle and tape ends together. Another way is to pour a thin line of the paint onto a piece of cling wrap, then fold the ends over the paint and roll. Wrap around wrist and cling, or tape together. Other clear tubes will work fine and can be purchased at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Besides wearing glowsticks as bracelets, there are many other things you can do with these fun, plastic, glowing tubes. When wearing them as bracelets, try winding a red, a white, and a blue one together for a fourth of July celebration. At Christmas, red, gold, silver or green ones can be braided together for a festive look. Twist orange and black ones together for Halloween, or yellow and green for Easter. Perk bracelets up for wearing by hanging charms on them or hanging tiny key chain animals on them. You can add stickers to them, too. The bracelets can also be snapped together to make necklaces or headbands. Glowstick bracelets are perfect for a doll's necklace and an even more unique idea is to snap several together for a nighttime collar for your pooch. And, if you have a large dog, it can wear the glowstick as a bracelet, too. When walking the dog, the glowing collar can clearly be seen, making the dog safer. Glowsticks can also be worn around the ankle, or as a headband by clipping the ends of the stick behind the ears with barrettes, or tying a piece of elastic to each end of the stick.

There are lots of cool ways that girls can liven up the night with glowsticks. Try snapping several together and wrapping them around a purse strap. You can also outline your shoe soles by snapping several together and placing them on the shoe, where the leather meets the rubber. They can also be a substitute for shoe strings, if the holes are big enough on that particular type of shoe. Thin socks take on a beautiful hue when you wrap one around the ankle and sock, then fold the sock down over the bracelet. Coats with large buttons look wild and adventurous when you snap a dozen or so glowstick bracelets together, then wind them around the buttons, figure-8 style, down, then back up.

And glowstick bracelets aren't just for wearing. They're great to lend some light in a dark bedroom. Before going to sleep, snap a couple of them together and wrap them around the base of your lamp or around the top of the lamp shade. Or, tape them around a light switch for easy locating in the dark. If you have lots of glowsticks, simulate planets and comets by tightly winding some and sticking them flat to the ceiling, for others, wind them more loosely. Still others can be left in the circular shape, or bent into a half moon. The night sky design is great for parties or school dances. You can make a rainbow by snapping the bracelets together, folding them in half, and sticking them on the wall in an arch. Choose another color and do the same, placing this arch directly under the last, and so on. Also at parties, you can use them to outline the refreshment table, the stage, the dance floor or archways. You can make shapes for parties or any other occasion. Shapes such as stockings, hot air balloons, pumpkins, Easter baskets, bunnies, black cats and even words, like Happy Valentine's Day can be formed and taped with clear tape.

At a slumber party, turn all the lights out but have the bracelets snapped together and wrapped around a punch bowl, drinking glasses, snack bowls and around the wrist each girl. A color can be given to each girl, making it easier for her to keep up with her belongings. The girls can style each other's hair and entwine the glowstick bracelets. They can do a craft project where they make a glowstick belt. They can attach the circular bracelets to various places on their belts, or outline the belt with the sticks. Something similar can be done to backpacks, make up bags and overnight cases. You can come up with even more glowstick bracelet creations if you just let your imagination run wild and try new ideas.

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