Glowstick Crafts: Fun Ideas To Make Glowstick Necklaces

Here you'll learn unique uses for glowstick necklaces. Included are ideas for party games and instructions for making colorful glowing necklaces using several together.

Glow necklaces are one of the coolest types of jewelry because they glow unlike any other jewelry, and they can even be used underwater. These necklaces cannot be made at home because of the chemicals they contain, but they are readily available for purchase. They are available mainly at carnivals, dances, parties, and similar events, but they can be bought in toy stores and at many stores that sell party supplies.

These unique necklaces glow because of a chemical reaction called "Chemiluminescence". The chemical reaction occurs when the seal of one chemical is broken and mixes with the other inside the plastic tubing. These particular chemicals are non-toxic and 100% safe, but the liquid will burn the eyes just like soap can. If you should get the liquid in your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with lots of clear water. Also, the liquid can stain clothing and other material, so handle broken necklaces with caution.

Glow necklaces glow brilliantly for approximately 6 to 12 hours, depending on the surrounding temperature and the quality of the necklaces. Cooler temperatures enable the jewelry glow for a longer period of time. Putting a glow necklace in the freezer between uses will prolong the glow effect a little while. Freezing a glow necklace that has been used for two hours will cause it to lose approximately two hours of glowing time after it's been thawed out. If the necklace would have glowed for 7 hours total, it will now only have about 5 hours of glow time remaining.

When glow necklaces haven't been used and have been kept it their original wrapper they can last up to about 4 years. Store them in a cool location to prolong shelf life as much as possible. Be careful handling the necklaces until you're ready to use them. Once the interior casing has been cracked open, the chemical reaction can't be reversed.

Use glow necklaces as a unique party favor at your next pool party. They are lots of fun to play with in the water. You can set up a game of glow in the dark ring toss. Use a standard ring toss game designed for use in the pool, and substitute the rings for glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Party guests will have lots of fun trying to score points using glowing rings. The glowing rings that end up at the bottom of the pool will be easy to find and retrieve.

You can also start up a game where guests dive for glowing rings on the bottom of the pool. Throw several glowing necklaces into the pool, and have party guests take turns diving for necklaces. The one who gathers the most in the least amount of time wins. You can offer glowing necklaces as prizes. Give each participant a glowing necklace as a consolation prize, and give the grand prize necklace to the winner. Create a special necklace by combining three or more necklaces to make one big one.

Another fun game that kids love is "glow necklace tag". Each participant wears a glowing necklace. A standard game of tag or hide-and-go-seek is played at night. The game becomes much more fun because participants wear glowing necklaces. This makes it fun and easy to spot the other players. Adults might want to get in on this fun game as well.

It's really cool to wear several glow necklaces at once. Try braiding three together to make an eye-catching necklace. You can also twist them around each other to make a colorful glowing rope. Use your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind glow necklace using two or more separate necklaces. Your creation will be as unique as it is colorful. The fun you'll have with glow necklaces is well worth the short time they shine.

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