Golf Decor: Golf Themed Wall Decorations For The Bedroom

Simple and unique golf themed wall decoration ideas for the golf lover's bedroom, such as a golf club cd shelf and a fake golf magazine cover picture of you or loved one.

One of the best ways to declare your love of a hobby or sport, such as golf, is to surround yourself in related items in your day-to-day life. Moreover, though many of life's pleasures may not be fit for decorating a living room or kitchen, a bedroom is the ideal room for expressing your love of just such a sport!

Making one thing clear right off, we do not recommend that your favorite clubs, and/or accessories, be utilized for any of these projects. Search out cast-offs at rummage sales and secondhand shops.

Golf Club CD Shelf

Using four clubs, this is actually quite easy to make. First, lay out the four clubs, alternating ends, and keeping clubs club-end up, to give you an idea of how this will look fully assembled. Then, mark and drill four corresponding holes through each club. One tip to keep in mind when drilling metal, is to make sure beforehand that you have the proper size and type of drill bit. Assemble with like size metal screws. Attach to the wall.

Yourself or Significant Other On a Magazine Cover

With computers and sophisticated printers in nearly every household, along with innovative graphic programs, you can easily make a print highlighting anyone of your choosing as "˜Golfer of the Year' or other appropriate title. Microsoft Picture It! Premium 9 has a built in magazine cover option. Just choose to create a project, click on photo crafts, and click on magazine covers. Nova Development Photo Explosion Deluxe has a nearly identical choice. Just click on projects, click on crafts, and magazine covers. Add a photograph of your subject choice out on the golf course, and voila, your own golf star!

Golf Tee Art with a Twist

We recommend that this be done onto a moveable medium, such as a painted board. If applied directly to a wall, severe damage can occur if removed. Draw, trace, or copy from a clipart program, a golf club shape onto board. Size should be realistic to the actual size of a club. Outline should be placed so that a real ball, when added, will be situated as if the club were going to strike it. Glue golf tees onto design, top side down, completely filling the design area. Glue ball in "˜striking' range of club. Board could be painted with a green background, complete with a hole and flag. A real flag instead of a painted one is a perfect final addition.

Golf Balls Galore

This is for the golfer who seems to have every golf ball he or she has ever purchased. First, gather up all those old balls, wash, dry them, and set aside. Purchase a clear acrylic tube with ends, the same width of the golf balls. Depending on how many balls you have, and how far you want to carry this project, the tubing can be placed as a single decoration, or completely around the top walls of the room. Fill the tubing with the balls and attach to walls. A true golfer will sleep well knowing he always has extras!

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