Golf Swing Tips: 10 Short Answers To Common Questions

The golf swing is perhaps the most complicated maneuver in sports. Golfers should not over-correct small errors in their swings, because that often leads to worse problems.

Golfers often take small problems and make them worse by over-correcting. From the tee to green, the following are 10 small adjustments that will gradually fix major problems.

1. How can I get rid of my slice?

Concentrate on making sure your hands are relaxed through impact and allow your club to release forward first, and then across your body. When you address the ball, make sure club head is square on the ball and not open. Your point of impact is key here - do not come through too quickly.

2. How can I get rid of my hook?

Allow your lead arm on the swing to do more of the work. Relax the back arm (for a right-hander, the right arm, and vice versa for a left-hander) and do not allow it to come across the ball too quickly.

3. How can I make sure that I am aimed correctly before I hit my tee shot?

Pick an immediate target within 10 feet of your stance (this could be an outstanding blade of grass or a visible piece of debris). It is much easier to line up your feet with an immediate target than it is to pick the actual target of where you want your ball to land. This same technique can be used on approach shots, chips, putts and pitches.

4. How can I get more loft on my fairway wood shots?

The most basic of golf tips should be applied here: Keep your head down. The next important thing to concentrate on is to make sure you hit ground with this shot. If you can take a divot and still get through the ball, that's even better. Many golfers top the ball on fairway shots and this tip should prevent that from happening.

5. How can I make better contact on my long irons?

Make sure you stand tall and keep the club at a relaxed position from your body. Concentrate on keeping a high swing plain. For 3- and 4-irons, line up your stance to the ball is about two inches inside your front foot. Too often, golfers tense up their arms on these difficult shots and do not allow the golf club to do the work. It's a mental block that small adjustments can cure.

6. How do I hit accurate mid-iron (5- through 7-irons) shots?

Position the ball near the middle of your stance and stand tall (only a slight knee bend). Hold that position as you take your club back and through. Do not stand straighten your legs or bend your knees further at any point in your swing.

7. How do I hit accurate short irons (8-iron through lob-wedge shots)?

Move the ball back in your stance as you go lower in your club selection. Also remember to move closer to the ball in order to keep the high swing plain. Keep your arms loose, grip firm, and legs still in order to make solid contact.

8. How do I get more loft on my pitch shots?

You can get more loft on any club by opening up the face of the club. When you do this, you must also open up your stance and follow through across your body. Most importantly, your head must stay down on these shots and your hands and arms should be relaxed. Apply the same mechanics with a sand or lob wedge in order to escape from sand traps.

9. How do I hit a lower bump and run chip?

Move the ball far back in your stance and make sure your hands lead the club face from beginning to finish. If you allow the club face to release, the ball will pop up in the air. Keep your hands firm and shorten the swing to avoid errors.

10. What is a reliable way to line up my putts?

Mark your ball by lining up the ball's logo in the direction of the line the putt will break. Remember that the best view of how the putt will break is made when you look at it from different angles before taking your stance, which should be aligned in same direction the ball's logo is pointing. Trust how you have lined up the logo not how you might feel when you look at the ball's path immediately before you putt.

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