How Do You Find A Good Agent And How Much Do They Cost?

How do you find a good agent and how much do they cost? Learn what to look for when finding an agent. Agencies receive, by law, ten percent. Managers usually get fifteen percent. A good way to find an...

Agencies receive, by law, ten percent. Managers usually get fifteen percent. A good way to find an agent is to get a manager. A manager is easier to get. A manager's job is to give you direction in the industry. They are supposed to guide you regarding things such as pictures, how a resume should look, and how to get work. A good idea is to get yourself into a local play and send out invitations; a 5 x 7 picture of yourself with the name of the play, your address, and telephone number. Sometimes you pay out of pocket for their ticket so they will see the show. If they are a casting director, you would really like them to see you work. Usually the theater will let casting directors in for free. A way to generate activity is to let these directors know you are busy and working in plays and that you would like for them to see your work. You need to make sure there are out clauses in the contracts you sign with these people in the case that they don't get you work within ninety days or six months. You should never be asked for money upfront. The same thing with an agent. You don't pay anybody anything until they have booked you a job and they don't get paid until the job pays you. The money comes in and goes right to the agent, who takes his ten percent and then sends you the balance. It is hard to keep a manager motivated to keep your head shots and resume up to date, but they are responsible for getting your pictures posted with local casting agents and online. There is a store called the Drama Bookstore where you can look at some amazing books on how to get an agent, how to get a manager, what is important as far as a manager and the index for the professional actor. There are a lot of books available and little pamphlets by Break Down Services that list all of the major agents, producers, and directors in the industry. You can aggressively start blanket mailing all of these people letting them know that you are looking for work. You are creating opportunities that might not otherwise have been there. You may bump into that agent or producer at an audition.

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