Is It Good To Have Differences In A Relationship?

Is it good to have differences in a relationship? In a relationship like marriage, respect one anothers interests to promote personal growth and spiritual growth. I think it can be very good to have differences....

I think it can be very good to have differences. It just depends on what the differences are. For instance, my husband is an avid scuba diver. I didn't even know how to scuba dive when I met him. Learning scuba diving was a marriage prerequisite for us, and while it was a difference, it was something that I could learn from him and share with him. It worked out quite nicely, because I ended up enjoying it. If one person loves race car driving and the other person doesn't, the question is whether you support them in it or not. You don't necessarily have to participate, but can you support their interest. My husband is only interested in the things I like to a certain degree, but he supports me in my exploration and doesn't get in the way of my personal or spiritual growth or my helping others with it. The critical element is support and respect for the other person's interests whether you participate in them or not.

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