What Are Some Good Exercises For The Upper Back, Lower Back And Buttocks?

What are some good exercises for the upper back, lower back and buttocks? There are several exercises that can help with the upper back, lower back and buttocks areas. Pull down and seated rolls are very...

Pull down and seated rolls are very effective exercises for the upper back. When somebody wants to isolate the upper back doing pullovers with a slight bend in the elbows keeping the elbows locked with the rotation happening around the shoulder or straight arm pulled down.

For the lower back some of the core exercises that we have talked about all work. Doing what I call supermans, being on their hands and knees and then extending one arm out and the opposite leg out and staying flat while they do that engages the lower back muscles. And the best exercises would be to do things like, being on both of the hands and their toes and making a backward V by raising one arm in to the opposite foot and holding that position for 10 seconds. Very good for stabilization of the lower back musculature.

For the buttocks, I put them on a leg press. And the reason why I like the leg press is because you can go heavier sooner without having to worry so much about form. But we still work with them on squats. And if they really want to start nailing the butt right away the leg press is where I go.

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