Find A Good Honest Mechanic

You can find a good honest mechanic to repair your vehicle by following these tips!!

If you drive any kind of vehicle, then you are going to need a mechanic. The two go together like a hand in a glove, because, like every other complex mechanical mechanism, your vehicle is inevitably going to break down.

Finding a mechanic is as easy as opening the telephone book and flipping through the yellow pages. You will undoubtedly find hundreds of names of mechanics. The trick is, though, finding an honest, skilled mechanic who has the knowledge to correctly repair your vehicle. The mechanic that you choose to work on your vehicle will also need to be reputable and not overcharge you for those repairs. So, now, how do you find such a mechanic? Read on and find out!

You can't wait until your vehicle has a major breakdown to find a good mechanic that you can trust. You need to start your search as soon as you purchase your first vehicle. The word-of-mouth method can be a good way to learn of some mechanics' names that you can check out for yourself. Ask your friends and family members who live nearby what shop services their vehicles. Then, call each mechanic and ask if they work on your type of vehicle. Some repair shops specialize in certain types of vehicles, such as foreign cars, sports cars, trucks,etc. Ask if their mechanics in the shop are accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Ask them also if their shop is accredited by the American Automobile Association.

One of the most important things to ask every mechanic you call is about their hourly repair rates--how much they charge per hour of labor. Inquire also about what they charge for routine maintenance work like oil changes or tire rotations. Remember that the cheapest price doesn't always mean the best service on your vehicle, but you don't want to pay an inflated price for service either.

You can call your local Better Business Bureau and find out if there are any complaints in their files concering the businesses you are considering doing business with. Then, choose one of the mechanics and schedule an appointment for some minor work to be performed on your vehicle.

When you arrive at the shop, ask the mechanic exactly what he is going to do. Ask if his work is guaranteed, and if so, for how long of a time period. Ask whether-or-not the guarantee covers the cost of all of the necessary parts as well as the cost of the labor. If the mechanic performs only the work that you requested, charges you a reasonable price for his service, and treats you respectfully by answering any questions that you may have had, you might well have found a mechanic to service your vehicle's needs.

Don't get overly excited though, as your quest for a good mechanic isn't over yet. The big test will be when it is time to have a larger repair job done on your vehicle. Be sure to get an itemized repair estimate from the mechanic along with a written warranty for any parts that are going to be replaced. Read the repair estimate over carefully and make sure that you understand it before you sign your name to it. And, if you don't agree with the repair estimate, or with anything on the agreement, don't be afraid to refuse to sign it and take your business elsewhere.

After the repair is made on your vehicle, check the bill over carefully to make sure that only the work you authorized was performed. Make sure that the price the mechanic charged was in line with the price you agreed upon in the first place.

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