How Do I Find A Good Hypnotherapist?

How do I find a good hypnotherapist? American Hypnosis Clinic has a great affiliate program where we match people up with a hypnotist. For almost 50 years now, hypnosis has been a proven and endorsed form...

For almost 50 years now, hypnosis has been a proven and endorsed form of medical treatment in all areas including surgery. But even with the consent of the American Medical Association backing them, many still find hypnosis as a puzzle.

In proven studies, hypnosis has been found to help treat several fears and habits such as smoking, public speaking and sexual performance. Hypnosis has also been proven to help patients deal with pain during surgeries as well as childbirth. Hypnosis has also been known to help with problems that don't deal with the body or mind, but with the physical perception as well. So with so many different ailments, aches and fears that hypnosis can help with, one of the biggest problems for potential clients is finding a hypnotist they trust.

Larry Volz is a former magician who took up hypnosis 15 years ago. He is the executive director for the American Hypnosis Clinic and has held this position for almost four years now. Volz said that there are several good hypnotists out there and anyone interested in finding one has several credible ways of finding them.

"American Hypnosis Clinic has a great affiliate program where we match people up with a hypnotist," he said. "I'm on the committee and I personally screen every hypnotist by looking at their years of experience, training, and education. You can find us at"

"Another good place is the National Guild of Hypnotists," Volz added. "They basically refer you to one of their members who have to have a certain number of hours of training in order to become a member of the Guild. So this is a very good source. Also the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, they have good credentials as far as what they require of people. Any one of these three is a great place to find a hypnotist."

Once a good hypnotherapist has been found, the last detail the client should consider is price and cost. According to Volz, the prices can vary depending on a wide range of variables.

"It varies a lot," Volz said. "Some hypnotists charge by the session or by the hour. Other hypnotists charge by the program and thus offer you a guarantee. All of our hypnotists charge by the program. I like our system because we charge by the change rather than by the hour."

"Some hypnotists who are also mental health professionals will string their clients along hour by hour sometimes for years - a lot of times with great intentions because they want to help you improve as a person," Volz added. "But the thing is that people usually come to a hypnotherapist with a specific goal, they want to make a specific change - they want to quit biting their nails, quit smoking, end their alcohol problem, stop doing drugs, or lose weight. Your better hypnotherapists are very goal oriented. My personal recommendation is to find a hypnotherapist that charges for a program and offers a lifetime guarantee."

"The price range varies anywhere from $100 an hour to several hundred dollars for a program," Volz said about the prices for a hypnotherapy session. "Anywhere from $90-$150 an hour is the average by the hour. Per program it usually averages out to about $250 an hour, based on the program."

"Our smoking program is $495 and most people quit smoking in one session, sometimes two, but also get a lifetime guarantee, whereas our drug addiction program is $2000 which averages from 6-12 sessions," he added. "It's becoming a trend among hypnotherapists to charge by the change or program rather than by the hour."

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