What Are Some Good Interior Decorating Magazines?

What are some good interior decorating magazines? When deciding on a decorating scheme, it is always helpful to get some ideas from outside sources. One source that is easy to find and inexpensive is the...

When deciding on a decorating scheme, it is always helpful to get some ideas from outside sources. One source that is easy to find and inexpensive is the vast selection of decorator magazines. With so many magazines on the market, however, it can be tough to choose which ones are right for you.

Kathy Dodson, award-winning interior decorator and owner of Decorating Dens, says that so many of the decorating magazines she picks up are too full of advertisements and lacking in actual content. "This way, you don't get a whole lot of an actual story." Therefore, be on the lookout for magazines that weigh more heavily on the content, rather than just the ads.

Dodson says that Better Homes and Gardens is a good place to start when looking at decorating magazines. "[It] has special publications that come out. Sometimes, they have a special publication on kids' rooms or on kitchens and bath." She also says that Better Homes and Gardens seems to do lot of special interest stories. "They have quite a few. These stories are good resources." You can learn more about Better Homes and Gardens and its special issues by visiting www.bhg.com.

In the world of decorating magazines, there are also more specialized magazines devoted to one certain thing. For example, Dodson recommends Window Fashions as a magazine she likes. She says that Window Fashions provides more articles than advertisements, so there is plenty of good content. You can find out more about Window Fashions magazine by visiting www.window-fashions.com.

When looking for ideas, Dodson recommends going through a number of decorator magazines and tearing out the pictures of anything you see that appeals to you. She says that if you decide to work with a professional interior decorator, you can show him or her the pictures and discuss what it is in the pictures that catches your eye. You may choose completely different things from various magazines that do not relate at all, but a professional decorator may be able to help you to tie the various themes together.

Once you select all your pictures from decorator magazines, Dodson says to avoid duplicating everything in the pictures, but instead to adapt the various things you see into what will work for you. "You don't want to just take a picture in the magazine and copy it. You want your own personality to be in that room. If you have a dozen pictures that you like, then you can pull from each of those. Find what you like, and make it your own."

Dodson says that it is important to try to find a look that is all you. When your home decorations reflect your personal style, it makes it easier for you to feel completely at home when surrounded by these items. While one person's decorating style may look great in his or her home, it may not translate well into someone else's home. If you keep in mind what you truly like and feel comfortable around, your home will reflect your personality and create and environment perfect for you.

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