Good Mood: 10 Ways To Get Yourself Back Into One

Good moods are great - but sometimes it can be hard to maintain those moods. Here are some tips on keeping your days upbeat and positive.

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Or feeling depressed for no particular reason? And are you positive that this is not the way you want to go through your day? Here are a few quick mood fixers to get you going in a better mode.

Take a bubble bath. I know that seems more like an evening treat, but that's exactly why it helps on a bad morning. The warm water soaks away any small aches and pains, and the bubbles and scent relax your mind. Close your eyes. Just inhale, feel the warm water embracing you. Take a deep breath - use scents that stimulate and yet relax, like lavender.

And then you dry off, don't forget to treat yourself to some fragrant bath powder. That way you can enjoy the lingering after-effects of your soothing bath all day long.

Put on something nice - one of those things you are saving "for good." Often the way we dress reflects our mood. Putting on shapeless, baggy clothing only reinforces the negative. Take a moment to look nicer and you'll discover that you feel nicer, too.

Give yourself permission to take a break. Take a look at your to-do list - even if it's only a mental list. Take one item off of it - and spend the time you would have spent on that chore relaxing with a cup of tea and that magazine you've been promising yourself you would get to.

Making a deliberate choice to not do something eases our conscience. Simply not getting to it often makes us feel guilty - usually without reason.

Write it out. Whatever it is. Clear your mind by getting it out of yourself and onto a piece of paper. Write out the vague worries, the chores, the things that you are frustrated with, the reasons why you think you're in a bad mood.

And now that you have all those negatives on the paper instead of just in your mind, take a few minutes more to list three good and positive things. Hold onto those and leave the rest on that piece of paper.

Reward yourself. Promise yourself a walk in the garden. When you're racing through the supermarket treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers along with the groceries. Call an old friend for a chat. Make these rewards - one reward for each chore that you manage to get through.

Get it out of the way. Often when we wake up disgruntled it's because we know that the day holds at least one chore we're not happy about doing. So just do it. Get it out of the way and over with. The whole rest of the day will be spent with a feeling of relief instead of overhanging guilt.

Count your blessings - Yeah, I know - it sounds like sermonizing. But when we are feeling down it is because we're letting the negatives outweigh the positives. Making a list of the positives reminds us that all is not misery. While you're at it, make a list of the things you like about yourself. You can throw the paper away if you like - but remember those good things when the bad seems to be descending.

Look for that silver lining. It may sound Pollyanna-like, but in almost every situation there is a bright spot. It may be miniscule compared to everything else that seems to be pressing on you - but it is there. Find it. Concentrate on it. If you can't find it alone, call a friend and let them help you to search for the good aspects. Friends often have to listen to us bemoaning things - think how pleasant a change it will be for them to help you focus on the positive.

Name five people that you love. Take a few minutes to call one of them, or send them a postcard. Promise yourself that you will treat the next person on the list tomorrow.

Tackling the whole list will make you feel pressured instead of relieved. Remembering five people who are worth loving will make you feel better, and doing something for one of them will make you feel better still. The promise to take care of the others later is simply a matter of giving yourself permission to take time to think of nice things you could do for the others on your list.

Do something nice for someone else. It is amazing, but this one act can bring us more relief from depression than anything else. It focuses your mind on something outside of yourself, makes someone else happy - and therefore makes you feel positive and giving. It doesn't have to be something big. Just something that person will appreciate.

An even bigger spirit lifter is to do something nice for someone anonymously. Send flowers to a friend - but don't sign the card. Imagining their pleasure and all the fun they will have speculating about their mysterious benefactor will keep you smiling all day.

Of course few of us have the time to do all of these - some days are too hectic for leisurely bubble baths or long journal entries. But if you notice, some of our mood lifters are very personal treats and some involve treating others.

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