What Are Some Good Party Foods?

What are some good party foods? Party foods that you can walk around and mingle with are best suited for parties. When planning a party, one of the first things many people take into consideration is what...

When planning a party, one of the first things many people take into consideration is what type of food to serve. Putting together a menu in advance and planning each dish can save time and hassle as the event draws near.

Kyle Hayden, the Event Coordinator for Strong Events specializing in decorating and design for theme parties, recommends serving food with which people can walk around. "Foods that I don't necessarily need a knife and a fork for are good", he says.

Hayden suggests that when you are planning your event, you need to consider whether your guests will be walking around and mingling while eating, or sitting down at a table to eat. "If you want people to walk around and mingle, you do not want to serve steaks. That is something where you are going to sit down and cut meat."

If you decide that you would like guests to be able to mingle and eat at the same time, Hayden likes foods that are not necessarily finger foods, although they probably fall into that category. He suggests using simple foods, such as nachos. Rather than serving traditional nachos, he recommends trying something a little different, such as tuna nachos or nachos with other types of seafood toppings. "You can make it a little bit finer with different things like sushi."

Some other foods that are easy to eat while mingling include bite-sized desserts, finger sandwiches, sliced or cubed fruit, party mix and chips with dip. If you would like a heartier dish, kabobs can be delicious and easy to eat while mingling with other party guests.

If you decide instead that you would prefer a sit down type meal for your party you can expand your food options. Hayden suggests, however, that you not serve spaghetti or something that guests are going to have to worry about spilling on themselves, even if they are sitting at a table.

If your party has a theme, this can help to guide you on the food choices. For example, if you are throwing a Hawaiian luau party, consider serving Hawaiian dishes such as island style chicken, roast pork, tropical fruit, and pineapple cake. Or if you are having a Mexican fiesta party, you can serve tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and sopapillas for dessert.

Another fun idea for party food is to have an interactive meal where guests get involved in the food assembly. One suggestion is a "build your own" tostado buffet. You would supply the tostado shells, along with toppings such as shredded beef and chicken, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, diced onions, beans, and salsa. Put all of the items out in buffet style on a counter or buffet table, and guests can start at one end and move to the other end, all the while selecting exactly what they want. For an interactive dessert, "build your own sundae" bars are always a favorite. Provide two or three variations of ice cream along with sauces, candies, fruits, and whip cream.

Providing the appropriate dishes for your party can help to make it a success. With a little advance planning and decision-making, you can reduce any last-minute stress about the food so that you can enjoy yourself throughout the party.

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