How To Be A Good Role Model To Your Child

Learn how to be a good role model, becoming involved in the life of your child as well as being a mentor

There are many parents today that find themselves unsure and uninformed about how to be a positive influence on their children or other young people in their lives. It is a daunting task when one looks at what children today are faced with such as peer pressure and improper influences who are involved in activities inappropriate for children to emulate.

Unfortunately with the number of people in this society involved in using drugs or alcohol, and the number of households where abuse is an everyday occurrence, it is no wonder that children from these homes would view this behavior as normal and even typical.

So the task for today's families is to be positive and active examples in our children's lives. To do this we must start with open communication and a willingness to actually sit down and discuss issues with our kids. Ask your children if he/she has any topic they would like to discuss. Be open and relaxed, and be prepared to offer suggestions to your child to solve whatever may be bothering them. Let him/her know that you are always available to discuss whatever problem or situation your child may have on their mind.

Be involved in your child's activities. Active involvement in sports, academics, etc. makes a world of difference. It has been proven that children from households where the parents participate in their sports, hobbies, or other activities are much less likely to become involved in drugs, gangs, or other illegal behaviors.

Encourage good behavior. Reward your children for work well done. Physical rewards such as praising and acknowledging work well done will give your child incentive to keep up the good work.

Children look for acceptance, and when the parents are not accommodating they often seek that acceptance elsewhere. This is one of the main things that people involved in gangs, violence, and sexual promiscuity have said they lacked as children, and this is the main reason given for turning to these kinds of behaviors.

Be a mentor to your child. Show your child an example of a successful and happy adult. Take advantage of days such as "Take your child to work day" to show your child the responsibilities of hard work, and the rewards of being successful. Let your child know that hard work pays off and teach them responsibility by letting them get a paper route, mow lawns, or other beneficial activities. You will see how teaching a good work ethic will give your child pride in their abilities and greatly boost self-esteem.

Get involved in your community. Become a mentor to an at-risk child or teen. This will often become the change these kids need to become successful in life and avoid the pitfalls of society. You will be surprised at what this experience will also teach you about tolerance, understanding, and your ability to change the life of another person and make their life more consequential.

Understanding our kids and making them better people is a contribution to the greater good of this earth. Being a good role model is the most important job you will ever have, and teaching your kids to be an important figure in someone else's life is an investment in the future of our society.

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