Good Toddler Games And Toys

When choosing games and toys for your toddler, you need to make sure they're fun and safe. Learn what kinds of things make good games and toys for your child.

When your child is one, two or three years of age, everything is a game for them! Life is fun. It's neat to explore and be curious about how things work, and they enjoy playing with you.

When you're looking for good toys for your toddler, the first thing you should be concerned with is safety. You want to make sure the toys don't have any sharp edges, loose or small parts. Children at this age are known to put everything and anything in their mouths--especially their toys. You want to look for these things, especially make sure that the stuffing is all in any stuffed toys and to make sure all plastic parts are secure to toys.

You also want to avoid any toys that are made of glass or that may contain toxic substances. These toys can be dangerous for your son or daughter. In addition, any toys that are overly heavy can be easily dropped on feet and can really hurt!

The games you play with your toddler should all include fun and encourage curiosity and creativity. Don't be so obsessed with learning. By the time your child turns two years old, some good games include ones that are a bit more physical... like running around, racing, playing catch, building things with blocks, and riding toys.

Some other good toys for toddlers of this age include some various gymnastics-type toys. Perhaps get a balance-beam type toy for your child to practice balance, or a pull toy that makes a lot of noise (those are always lots of fun!).

As your toddler progresses, you'll want to start some activities that involve arts and crafts such as finger painting, coloring, and art sculpting (perhaps with playdough). Then they'll start learning music, and you can teach your child different songs and singing games. And of course a very good game for toddlers is to play make believe. Help your child develop stories in their own minds!

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