Gospel Bracelet Craft

By Jill Davis

Gospel bracelets, also called salvation bracelets, are so named because the gospel is the road to salvation in the Christian faith. Six beads of different colors are strung on a leather cord to represent certain passages of the Bible and relay God's word through color. Let the kids make gospel bracelets at Sunday school to help explain the gospel with an immediate visual aid. When they see others wearing gospel bracelets, they'll know they have found a friend and a believer.

Black, Red and White Beads

The black bead represents sin. Sin keeps God separate from his people, who are considered to be in the dark when they sin and must realize that they need his salvation. The red bead stands for the blood of Jesus. The Christian faith believes Jesus gave his life so that all sinners may go to heaven and be reunited with God. The white bead represents the cleansing all may experience through the acceptance of Jesus as he washes away all sin.

Blue, Green and Gold Beads

The bracelet's blue bead is optional. Some include the blue bead to represent the water of baptism. Baptism cleanses the soul of original sin. The green bead represents growing with Jesus, growing in God's love and the knowledge of him. Just as plants grow, so can people grow in faith. The gold or yellow bead represents heaven, the place God has prepared for those who love and accept him.

Making a Bracelet

Take one color of each bead and string them onto a 12-inch leather cord. The beads go in the order of black, red, white, blue, green and gold. Beads can be made of virtually any material, from plastic to wood and even metal. Holes can be drilled through them with a rotary tool and a drill bit that is large enough so that a string of leather can be inserted within. Center the beads on the cord and tie a knot next to the black bead and then next to the gold bead. Tie the knots so the beads are held tightly in place. Thread two clear beads on one end of the cord and pass the other end through both beads. Tie knots on each end. Use the clear beads to adjust the length of the bracelet when it's on the wrist.

Getting the Word Out

Gospel bracelets are seen as a simple and inexpensive way to get the word of Jesus to others. Gather a group of kids together and have a bracelet-making party. Distribute the bracelets at church services, senior centers or deliver to neighbors and friends. Give each person who donates to a food or clothing drive the gift of a bracelet. Be sure that the kids can describe the message of the bracelet and that they understand the significance of each of the bead colors.

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