Gothic Make-Up Tips: Dark Looks That Won't Smear

How to apply heavy Goth make up, and keep it from smearing.

To get the complete gothic look, you'll need dark lipstick, black mascara, black eye-liner, black or other dark-colored eye-shadow and a face powder that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

Putting the make-up on is the easy part. Putting the make-up on in a manner that would allow it to stay put and not smear requires a bit more work.

For starters, you'll want to powder your face. This will cover any oily spots you might have. Make-up does not stick well on oil, one of the main reasons make-up smears or fades.

After powdering your face, start with your eyes. Using the eyeliner, trace below and above your lower lashes, so you end up with a thick line under your eye. Using your ring fingers, gently smudge the eye-liner. Be sure to wash your hand before you continue. If not, you might end up with dark smudges on your face.

After tracing your lower eyelids, trace your upper eyelids above your lashes and smudge them gently with your ring fingers. Wash your hands. Next, gently powder your eyes, making sure to get powder onto the eye-liner, which will help the eyeliner dry, so it sets. Now, retrace all the eye-liner.This gives a bold look that is also set and won't smudge easily.

Next, you can apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes. After a minute, or after the mascara has dried, gently powder your eyes again. This will help set the mascara so, like the eye-liner, it does not smudge.

You can apply eye-shadow with an applicator or you fingers. Your ring fingers are best for applying make-up around the eyes because they are your weakest fingers and offer the gentlest touch, in most cases. You can touch some eye-shadow onto the tip of your finger and gently brush your finger onto your eyelids.

For example, to make your eyes look sunken in, apply eye-shadow to your eyelid, staying below the crease. You can also apply some just below your lower lashes.Dab powder over the eye-shadow.

For your lips, since the lip stick is so dark, it may not be necessary to use lip liner.

Matte lipsticks tend to work well with gothic looks, and they also do not smudge easily.

If you don't use matte lipstick, stay away from lipsticks that are very glossy, unless you are going for a glam-gothic look, like Marilyn Manson on occasion.

Other creamy lipsticks should work well. You can adjust the shade of your lipstick by adding eye-shadow to it. Or, apply the lipstick, and then dab the dark eye-shadow gently over the lipstick and then press your lips together. This will give you a darker color, and the powder in the eye-shadow will help the lipstick stay on longer.

To finish, powder your face again.

Something that also helps make-up stay on longer is hair spray. If you have hair spray in an aerosol can, you can spray a light coat on your face. It might make your face feel stiff at first, but it loosens up in minutes.With all the powder to help the make-up set, the hair spray is optional.

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