What Is Grading, Tamping And Bull Floating?

What is grading, tamping and bull floating? Grading, tamping, and bull floating all deal with the process of leveling your concrete pavement. It's just a process of getting it level. Tamping is the process...

It's just a process of getting it level. Tamping is the process of compaction.
You want to pack the soil so it is not loose, otherwise it will settle and you will have a void between your substructure and your actual concrete or your asphalt. It needs to be compacted. Bull floating is where you float the concrete and that helps make it smooth. You want a nice smooth surface; you don't want a rough rocky surface. Typically what you do when you pour the concrete, you bring the concrete down to the desired level that you want it. Then a lot of times they tamp the concrete, or what is called the jitterbugging, and they have a tool that actually pushes the rocks down into the concrete just below the surface. It makes what is called the "cream rise". That is the thin layer of sand and cement on top. And what they do is run that bull float over and it makes it nice and smooth. You always do that when you pour concrete.

You run a bull float over to make a smooth surface, but some people do like a rough surface. They do what is called a washed aggregate or exposed aggregate where they let the concrete set up where its almost hard enough that you can walk on it and leave light foot prints. Then they take water and a brush and they wash the sand and the cream off the top and they expose the rock underneath.

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