Grandparents Visiting: Grandparent And Child Relationships

How does your child interact with his grandparents, are they spoiling him, let's talk about grandparents and your child.

Are your children lucky enough that they have grandparents living nearby? Sure, they think of their grandparents as being great and that they have no rules, and they always buy everything they want.

We know that the more our children are loved, the better, especially by grandparents, but sometimes your rules and theirs will clash. Believe me, this is normal and a natural part of life. Sometimes they are not able to see the grandchildren very often because of distance, so let them spoil and enjoy the kids a little.

You can remind a child that they can only have perhaps one treat of a candy bar and can't just sit and eat the bag of candy because grandma has given it to them. The children can also know that when they do visit the grandparents a few home rules can be relaxed but when they come back home here come the family rules will need to be obeyed. This is tough but you can handle this, if you have a little patience.

Sit down with the grandparents and tell them what you expect: do it in a loving and patient manner, do not demand, you'll lose ground on this if you do. Please don't try to judge or condemn them if they do something that you don't approve of. If you wish your children to not eat fast food then sit down and tell the grandparents you don't allow this due to their getting health problems: sometimes they just need to be informed.

If the grandparents are constantly giving expensive gifts, then you'll need to let them know you certainly appreciate their buying things and loving the children but their gift giving needs to be within limits. You could even make a few suggestions on items the children need or want, let them know their clothing sizes, needs, and so on.

Sometimes you can suggest that grandparents might open a savings account for college and put a little bit each year into these accounts instead of buying so many gifts. Tell them to give gifts but perhaps not that many, and this will help the child with college expenses in the future.

Always keep in mind that the grandparents love the children and let them know that you are so very happy that your children have them in their lives and don't forget giving someone a suggestion with patience and understanding and, yes, with love, can make such a difference as opposed to demands.

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