Great Baby Shower Ideas

Here is a great baby shower idea. Tips for making it a success.

A baby shower is a time for celebrating the greatest time in a woman's life. These tips will help you plan for a great party.

If this isn't going to be a surprise party, deciding who to invite will be made easier by asking the mother-to-be. Typically you should invite immediate female family members of both the mother and father-to-be, as well as close female friends.

The shower should be held about 2 to 3 months before the baby is due. If you wait too long, you may wind up having the baby present at the shower.

You should mail invitations to guests about 2 to 3 weeks before the party. Include directions to the party location. Make sure you ask guests to RSVP by phone no later than a week before the party.

You'll need some light appetizers and a cake for the shower. No need to get too elaborate and this can be easily done by ordering a vegetable tray from your local deli and buying a cake from a bakery.

Party games. These are always fun but try and limit them to 2 or 3 games. Some easy games to play that don't require a lot of preparation are:

**Guess the mother's waist size. Give guests a piece of string and have them guess the length that will go around the mother's waist. The one with the closest string size wins.

**Name the baby animals. Write down the name of several animal and have guests write down the name of the babies. For example a cow's baby is a calf, a kangaroo's baby is a joey. The one with the most correct wins.

**Using the word baby shower have guests scramble the letters and make as many other words as possible.

Have the mother open her gifts in an open area or at a table. This way you'll have a clear shot for photo taking.

Try and keep the party to under 2 hours.

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