Great Gifts For School Teachers

Need to find a gift for your child's teachers? Here are some great ideas that any school teacher would love!

Everyone knows the feeling of trying to select a gift for someone they don't know very well. School teachers can be among the hardest to shop for as they often end up with lots of pens, paperweights, or other cluttering items. Well it's time to make shopping easy and simple with ideas that any teacher would love to get.

Teachers love to eat - but many homemade items get passed on because of the calories or the fact that many don't keep a long time. Instead offer a gift certificate to a restaurant (but make sure that the amount covers to cost of a meal and drink) or send in a canister with all the ingredients to make a treat at home so the teacher can make it in her own time. Another great idea is find out what she drinks during the day and buy her a case of soda or water to keep at school. She will think you are very thoughtful and the gift is very practical.

Teachers also love to shop at teacher stores (which are not priced at teacher salaries) so buy a gift certificate to one. In the end your child will benefit.

Teachers are also known to be one of the largest purchasers of books and are always needing class sets. Choose a new popular book and buy a few copies to have for the class so the teacher can have groups all reading the same book and comparing notes. Or buy a gift certificate to the book store.

Teachers also tend to pass on personal luxuries because money can be better spent. Choose a gift certificate to a salon or nail boutique. Or choose a gift card to the movies or the rental store.

In the end a gift certificate is often the way to go. She will appreciate it a lot more than another ceramic apple.

The main thing to avoid is cluttering objects unless your child has a first year teacher who has not accumulated much.

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