Great travel destinations for august

If you want to take your vacation in August this year, here are a few things you should know about the places to go - and not to go.

August is one of the favorite family vacation times because the weather is warm and school is still a couple of weeks away. If you and your family or friends plan on taking a vacation this summer, and you want to go in August, here are a few things you should know about the places to go - and not to go.

In Europe, things are heating up in August. The entire Mediterranean coast is full of tourists, beachgoers and vacationers having fun in the sun and surf. If you're looking for parties, crowds, excitement and shopping, head to Southern France, Italy, or Spain. The air is hot, the water cool, and the people are enjoying their summer holiday.

If a quieter, more tranquil vacation is sought, these are to be found in Europe, as well. In the United Kingdom, you'll find Scotland's Edinburgh festival, London's Notting Hill Carnival, and Ireland's Fleadh Ceoil. Mainland Europe offers much in the ways of festivals as well: Germany's Wagner Festival, Hungary's Nagykallo Folk Arts Festival and Greece's Athens Festival. Also during August are Denmark's Copenhagen Festival and Austria's Salzburg International Festival, celebrating Mozart's home town.

If you're heading to Asia this summer, August is a great time to be in Indonesia, if you're partial to Bali, and the experts say Singapore is lovely any time of year. Most of the rest of Asia is either plagued by intense heat and humidity or being soaked with annual rains. Often the rainy season is just winding down in Thailand, so that may be a possibility.

If you go down under during August, you'll be arriving right in the middle of winter. If it's a winter vacation you seek, then New Zealand, Australia or southern South America are the places to go. Australia is quiet, bracing itself for the tourist season later in the year. August is a nice time to visit nightclubs and comedy clubs, go to museums, and see the city without the crowds. And if you're into winter sports, in August, the skiing is wonderful and the skies clear and blue in Chile and Argentina.

The United States is generally hot in August, though many places are comfortable. California's middle and northern coasts are lovely in August, often having temperatures only in the 60s. The Rockies are warm during the day, full of wildflowers and mountain birds, but the temperatures drop significantly at night. The northern East Coast is a toss up. Sometimes the weather is cool and comfortable in New England, and other times the heat and humidity skyrocket. Places to avoid in the U.S. during August are most of the southern states from Georgia to Arizona. If you do decide to visit one of these hot states, make sure you drink plenty of liquids and find places to keep cool. Stay in the ocean or in pools if at all possible, and use sunscreen liberally.

Lastly, Alaska is simply breathtaking in August. With exceptionally long hours of sunlight, active wildlife, and scenery beyond compare, a visit to Alaska in August will be the highlight of your year.

Enjoy your summer vacation and don't forget to make the most of August, as school is just around the corner.

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