Green Iguana Care

Green iguana care: many people are housing green iguanas as pets, without researching them. Here is some helpful information crucial to the iguana.

Iguanas are extremely interesting, sensitive animals. I never would have guessed that they would exhibit individual personalities. I cared for five iguanas for many years. They were similar to the seven dwarfs, (although I had five)each of them were very different in their own special way. Cranky, bossy, cuddly (it's true) timid and dopey. They require daily care that includes feeding, bathing and cleaning their habitat.

Iguanas have a wide variety of nutritional needs. I would always ensure that my iguanas were fed two parts greens, one part protein and fruit. Protein is essential to promote good health. Chicken, tuna and canned cat food are just a few sources of protein for the healthy iguana. They love leafy greens, especially kale, carrot tops and bok choy. These greens provide higher nutritional values than lettuce or cabbage. Calcium rich foods such as raspberries, tofu and broccoli should be included in their diet.

Powdered vitamins are available at most pets stores and can be sprinkled on their daily feast. A fresh supply of drinking water is important to our green friends as well as bathing. Be sure to keep the temperature luke warm and hope a fight doesn't break out or you will get soaked.(wetsuits are an asset)Depending on the temperament of the iguana, he/she may require bathing solo. Bathing them a few times a week aids in the shedding of their skin.

When housing one or two iguanas a large terrarium would be sufficient. Since I housed five iguanas they had their own room. It was setup with large tree branches and thick, heavy rope for climbing. It seems that they prefer to be higher up, it gives them a better sense of security. Electric heat rocks and special tube lighting are an extremely crucial part of healthy living for these lizards.

The lighting such as sunglo tubes and the heat rocks are essential to aid in proper digestion, shedding and maintaining body temperature. These are very important factors since the iguana is indigenous to hot climates.

I spent approximately two hours a day caring for my green friends. This type of pet is not for everyone and these are issues to consider before purchasing an iguana.

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