Grilling Great Chicken

Tips for grilling great chicken

The first most important step is grilling is to always start with a clean grill. Next, be sure to keep your chicken moist. There is nothing worse than dry chicken, no matter how much BBQ sauce you use.

There are several ways to keep your chicken moist when grilling. One way is to make a pouch using aluminum foil. You can place your favorite veggies inside the pouch with the chicken and be sure to include one or two ice cubes. This will create a "steam" effect and keep the chicken moist. My favorite way for producing moist chicken when grilling is to marinate the chicken. Find a marinating recipe that tickles your fancy (you can find many marinade packages in the spice isle of your local grocery store), prepare it as directed, and place your chicken in the marinade for at least ½ hour. I like to prepare mine early in the morning and keep it marinating in the refrigerator until I am ready to start grilling in the evening. Another trick I have learned is to prick the chicken while it is in the marinade by taking a fork and sticking it into the chicken in several places; you are infusing the marinade deeper into the chicken.

If you prefer not to marinade and would rather use BBQ sauce, be sure not to put the BBQ sauce on too quickly as this will burn the chicken. Let the chicken cook for at least a minute on each side before applying the sauce. Once you apply the sauce, make sure it is evenly distributed and keep basting the chicken throughout the grilling processes.

When grilling the chicken on a gas grill, keep it on low flame. The same for a charcoal grill, making sure that the chicken is not sitting right on top of the coals. Another important step is to turn your chicken often. Leaving the chicken unattended usually results in burning and drying out. When given lots of love, your gilled chicken will come out perfect every time.

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