Grocery Store Coupon

Grocery store coupons can save a lot of money. Are you throwing out money every week with the trash? You are if you are throwing out manufacturer's coupons. Those little pieces of paper are actually little pieces of money!

Manufacturers issue millions of coupons to consumers each year. Companies freely offer these savings so that the public will try new products and stay loyal to older ones. There is nothing like coupons to give a tight budget a little more room. As an avid couponer, I regularly save 65% off my grocery bill just by using coupons. Follow these simple steps and join millions who already save money with coupons.

First, get a sturdy container for your main file. You will use this larger file at home and to put in your car when you go shopping. You will also need a purse-size coupon wallet. This is for the coupons you have chosen to use for items you have already seen advertised. For great unadvertised bargains or deals on items not on your list, just a quick trip to your car can get you the coupons you need to save even more. Get tough and adopt the "never pay full-price" attitude.

Keep your coupon files up to date and weed-out expired coupons regularly. Some stores accept expired coupons but, even so, it is a good idea to keep them in a separate place.

Clip every coupon you see, whether you use the item or not. You may be able to trade with other refunders for coupons that you need either online or by ads in refunding magazines. If you find a great coupon in your Sunday paper, calculate how much you would be saving and consider buying a second copy of the paper. Better yet, try to convince others to save their Sunday supplements for you. You may even be able to convince you newspaper carrier to give you the extra supplements left over each Sunday. If all else fails, recycling bins are also great places to find extra coupons.

A serious couponer is never store-loyal. Shop where you find the best buys. Check out all the grocery ads every week. Also be aware that if a store has great buys on meat one week, this same store might not be the place to buy produce the same week. You may need to visit more than one store each week to take full advantage of sales and savings. Also, never overlook clearance aisles and markdown bins. You can still use your coupons on these items.

Your coupon shopping will be easier and take less time if your choose to shop during times when stores are less crowded. Early mornings and late nights are usually good times. If you must shop with a small child, try to get someone to come along so that they can watch the child and you belongings as you shop.

Finally, it helps a great deal to keep good records on just how much you save on each shopping trip. Some grocery stores print this coupon information on the cash register receipts. In a short time you will see and be amazed at how worthwhile couponing is when practiced faithfully.

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