How To Groom A Long-Haired Small Dog

Specific instructions on how to train a small long-haired dog to be groomed, then do the actual grooming.

There are many small breeds which have long hair. Do not mistake fur with hair. Hair does not shed, does not smell, and requires frequent grooming. A few examples of such breeds are: Maltese, and the Yorkshire Terrier. There are three main options you have when maintaining such a dog, you can either shave it, give it a puppy cut, or allow the hair to grow. With the shaving, you must remove all hair from all parts of the dog except the ears and muzzle, which you cut down with scissors. The puppy cut simply necessitates leaving approximately one inch of fur all over, which can be done with special clippers.

Maintaining long hair is one of the most complicated of all strategies, however the most rewarding. As a puppy, the dog must be taught to allow you to pull on his hair, and tediously brush him. Until the dog is four months old, comb him gently everyday, while he sits in your lap eating treats. This forms a positive association with the comb and the grooming process.

After the dog exceeds four months, locate a platform which the dog can stand on. Hold the dog in a standing stretched out posture while you slowly comb all parts of his body. Repeat this for several days. After the dog allows you to comb him and hold him standing up, let go of him. If the dog sits down, or lays down, briskly pull him back up. Continue to comb. Make sure to get each layer of fur, holding it up as you go along.

With the longer haired dogs it is important to blow-dry them if you bathe them instead of allowing them to air-dry. When you first purchase the puppy, make sure to regularly handle their paws, feeling each toe nail. This will prevent fear when you first clip their toe nails. When you do clip their toe nails, use special dog cutters, which can be purchased at any store.

Every other month, you must pull the hair out of the dogs ears to prevent infections. The hair in the ears is not as firmly connected as the rest of their hair, therefor it is not that painful. It is also important to brush their teeth with water and a toothbrush weekly. All of the grooming procedures which have been listed above should be completed on the grooming platform. Examples of grooming platforms: coffee table, chair, bed, etc.

Reinforce the dog with food during and after each grooming session. If you ever find mats in their hair, divide the mats to the surface repetitively until you can comb through it. If their fur is white, staining can be removed under the eyes using cornstarch. Good luck, and remember to take it slow and always make your dog feel loved, and beautiful!

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