Group Guided Cycling Tours

Thinking about taking a group guided cycling tour? Here's a list of the many benefits and challenges of this great community-based cycling activity.

Many cyclers find that group guided cycling tours are one of the best ways to improve their own riding skills, see parts of the country or foreign countries they have never seen before, and meet other similarly-interested riders. Group tours can be specified based on skill level, age, or destination, so you can be sure to find people who you will have some commonalities with. And because they are guided, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and improving your riding, without worrying about the road.

As a training method or simply to get in better shape, group cycling tours can be a great addition to a personal training regimen. By practicing in a group of people, cyclists can trade tips and secrets, and give advice as to the best ways of training or riding. The exchange between riders is crucial for learning, and builds up a much greater store of information than a single person would have. Similarly, because the route is fixed and there is a pre-determined length you must ride each day, it is impossible to slack off during the ride. All riders must complete the ride together, helping each other out and all doing their best. Thankfully, because group tours exist at all skill levels, it is possible to find a group that pushes you to the limit, or one that helps you relax and enjoy an easier ride.

The length of a guided cycling tour can also be a major benefit. Instead of a single day of training, you get several days, or entire weeks, when you are spending a large part of your day on the road. Because guided groups can be chosen at many skill levels, it is your choice whether you want a more driven group or a slower and more casual group. But after a week of riding, even at a slow pace, you will begin to see an improvement in your own health and stamina.

Group cycling tours are more than just about the riding, they can also be a fantastic way to meet people interested in the same activity. Because the groups will ride together for days, or even weeks at a time, members have plenty of chances to get to know one another and to make conversation during rest periods or in the evening, when there is plenty of free time to spend talking. Often, the friendships that get started on group cycling tours are helped by the common interest, giving everyone a starting point for conversation and a way to share information and suggestions.

Often, older riders choose to take a group guided tour along with other riders of the same age or experience level. Older riders can take easier routes and may have slower times along their ride. They emphasize the casual and community atmosphere and concentrate on enjoying themselves more than on training or improving their riding skills. At the end of the day, the groups often sit and talk, or go sightseeing in the many cities and villages along the route. Younger guided group tours are also available, for youth or students, and can be a great way for members of a team or community group to get to know others or to strengthen their own ties. Student cycling tours often include evening activities, such as dancing or games, and emphasize getting to know each other and making friends as much as the exercise.

Finally, sightseeing on a bike is one of the best ways to get to know a region. Slower than a car, allowing you to take in the sights and smells of the landscape around you, but faster and easier than walking, a bike gives a much better sense of the countryside you are in. For this reason, guided cycling tours can be a fantastic way to see a part of the country or the world that you are unfamiliar with. Tours can be found in many areas of the USA, and follow pre-selected paths to give you the best views as well as the best rides. Similarly, longer bike tours can be selected in foreign countries, either in specific regions or across several countries and borders. European bike tours are very popular and can give a cycler several weeks of seeing different countries and cities, all while getting exercise! And best of all, because they are guided and pre-chosen, there is no risk of getting lost along the way. So just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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